Butts Attacks Ford Government For Repealing Unpopular Liberal Sex-Ed Curriculum

Shouldn’t Trudeau & Butts be focused on how the illegal border crossing crisis is devastating the finances of Canadian provinces?

Fresh off Justin Trudeau’s arrogant and condescending remarks claiming he had to ‘explain’ the ‘asylum seeking system’ to Doug Ford, the Trudeau Liberals are continuing their attacks on Ontario’s new government.

On Twitter, Gerald Butts attacked the Ford PCs for keeping their promise to scrap Kathleen Wynne’s highly unpopular sex-ed curriculum.

Here’s what Butts said, in response to a Michael Coren tweet:

“Will the Ford government be roundly condemned by the right for forcing its values on millions of families who don’t agree with them?”


Obviously, Butts is 100% wrong.

The actual problem was that Ontario parents didn’t feel consulted on the curriculum, and the new Ontario government has listened to those concerns and will bringing in real consultation.

Of course, listening and real consultation are things Butts and the Liberals know nothing about, and he’s probably shocked to see a politician actually keeping a promise.

Also, why the hell is Butts tweeting about this in the first place?

The Trudeau-Butts policy on illegal border crossers is having a devastating impact on Ontario’s (and other provinces) finances. Social services are being overburdened, and taxpayers will be paying more and more to get less, all because Justin Trudeau wants to virtue-signal and lacks the strength to enforce our border.

If Butts and Trudeau were truly focused on helping Ontarians and all Canadians, they would be focused on solving real problems, instead of attacking the Ford Government.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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