CONFUSION: Toronto Police Warn Of “Unconfirmed” Threat, Yet Say Downtown Is “Safe”

Not many details shared in press conference.

After Toronto Police warned of an “unconfirmed, uncorroborated piece of information” leading to an increased police presence in the downtown core, people started asking questions.

After a police press conference, there is only more confusion.

As noted by The Express Journal“In their news conference this morning, there were not many more details of the information provided, however police did note that it was still safe to go downtown and attend activities. “Public safety is our primary concern and we are working closely with our emergency service partners across the GTA as we investigate and respond to the information we have received,” York police said in a statement.”

The confusion here is that there is obviously something police are worried about, or else they wouldn’t have increased the police presence. Considering that the threat is unconfirmed, they don’t know if it’s a real threat or not.

If they don’t know whether it’s a real threat, how can there be certainty that things are safe? And how does it make sense to say people should still visit the area?

The press conference – which released very few details – can be seen below:

While front-line officers are certainly doing good work in a tough situation, this seems to be a case where police public relations/communications ‘experts’ are dropping the ball, creating even more uncertainty and fear.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Norbert Kausen

Sounds like fear-mongering to me!


Is BLM having their own al Quds riot?

tTommy Hawk

“…….dropping the ball…..” — well, now, this does verify what that ‘letter from a front-line officer’ said, that in fact there is too much political interference with REAL police matters and the affects that has on policing at all levels. Time will tell just how much true information the police have and will clearly demonstrate whether in fact there is (has been) political interference with the police. This creates the obvious potential of NOT having correct information or, NOT having the information at all, or NOT being capable of acting in a timely manner to threats that are real —… Read more »