REPORT: Police Were Warned About “Credible” “Vehicle Ramming Attack” Threat Close To CN Tower

That’s according to a document from a Toronto Police source reported by Global News.

While Toronto Police haven’t been releasing many details, there is more information on why there is an increased police presence in downtown Toronto.

According to Global News, they received an internal police memo from a police source. The Memo says “On Wednesday, July 11, 2018, the Toronto Police Service received credible information regarding a potential vehicle ramming attack in the area of the CN Tower on Thursday, July 12th.”

A tweet from Catherine McDonald includes a photo of the memo:

So far, Toronto Police have not released further information on the potential threat. A previous news conference left more questions than answers, with police warning of an “uncorroborated” threat, while saying downtown was “safe.”

With this new information, there will be further demands for answers, including whether this has potential links to terrorism.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube