Unlike Nanny-State Libs, Ford Government Beer & Wine Sales Policy Treats Ontarians Like Adults

It’s great to see a government actually focus on their job, rather than trying to exert control over the People.

In their throne speech, the new Ontario government has made clear that the nanny-state policies of the Wynne Liberals have come to an end.

A big part of that change is a new approach to wine and beer sales, which had previously been controlled by the government:

“Your new government will respect consumers and trust adults to make the responsible choices that work best for them. That’s why it will expand the sale of beer and wine to convenience stores, grocery stores and big-box stores.”

It’s two short sentences, but it speaks volumes.

The Wynne Liberals had launched hysterical attacks against the PCs when they introduced their plan to free up the sale of beer and wine, making insane predictions of danger and gloom, even calling it “reckless.”

That just showed how little respect the Wynne Liberals and the elites had for Ontarians, as the Nanny-State Libs thought they had to exert government control over the sale of beer and wine or disaster would follow.

It’s that kind of paternalistic arrogance that pushed so many people away from the Liberals, and the PCs are doing the right thing by remaining true to their campaign promise.

After all, Ontarian taxpayers are adults, and should be treated like such. Adults don’t need the government to be our parent, we need it to focus on the core functions of government like administering basic services and maintaining infrastructure.

Outside their core duties, government should step aside. Ford understands that, and he also shows that he understands the true role of government in a way that the corrupt nanny-state elitists like Trudeau and Wynne never will.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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