WATCH: Trudeau Ignores PM Of Belgium, Walks To His Wife Instead

The video is spreading fast on social media.

A quickly spreading-video is making the rounds on social media, showing Justin Trudeau blowing past the PM of Belgium and reaching for his wife instead.

The video can be seen below:

Considering the expressions on the face of both the Belgian PM and his wife, they mostly seem to be joking around.

People had different reactions to it:

Beyond all of this, what’s not funny is all the virtue-signalling Trudeau has been doing about the importance of NATO, while simultaneously cutting Canada’s defence budget.

Trudeau has talked a big game, but when it comes to actually strengthening Canada’s defences here at home, he has failed miserably. And while the international press has been largely swayed by Trudeau’s rhetoric, Canadians can’t defend our country with nice newspaper headlines.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Is Monsef along with him on this trip as well?

The Leaders of the other countries are there with their wives so where is the wife of the Canadian “leader”? How embarrassing for Canada.

Wendy Lush

Making a pass at a Prime Minister’s wife right in front of him and the country’s press! Wow that takes balls – or total cluelessness.

But hey the boy can’t help it; he’s a male feminist, right?

Norbert Kausen

He wanted to GROPE her…

alan skelhorne

well if sophie is not there, i bet climate barbie is.
he is and he always will be an embarrassment to canada.

Maryam McKinley

I think this was obviously done in jest. It speaks volumes about his character how he could possible think this is funny.