DESPICABLE: Ahmed Hussen Insanely Calls Lisa MacLeod “Un-Canadian” For Demanding Border Enforcement

The Trudeau Liberals are now openly siding with those breaking Canada’s laws.

Just when you thought the Trudeau Liberals approach to illegal border crossings couldn’t get any more despicable and disloyal, Ahmed Hussen has escalated things to an unprecedented level.

After Lisa MacLeod – the Ontario Minister Responsible for Immigration – made clear that the Ford government wants border enforcement, and had the toughness to criticize the fact that illegal crossers are cutting in line ahead of those following legal processes, Hussen went on the attack.

He called MacLeod “Un-Canadian,” and insanely accused her of “fear mongering,” even though he’s obviously the one trying to scare and divide Canadians by demonizing those of us who want the border secured.

Hussen’s insane comments can be seen below:

MacLeod quickly responded, saying she wouldn’t be bullied by Hussen:

Outrageous comments from Hussen

Hussen’s remarks are a dangerous escalation of the rhetoric from the Trudeau government, and are something that will have a long-term impact on politics in Canada.

The Trudeau government has now made it clear – beyond any doubt – that they are siding with those entering Canada illegally, and are against elected officials and Canadian citizens who want our border to be enforced.

The Trudeau Liberals are siding with lawlessness, and are trying to make those who support the law and support borders seem anti-Canadian.

This takes Canadian politics to a whole new level of ruthless divisiveness, and the consequences for our country could be severe.

We are now seeing open disloyalty to Canada from the federal government, which brings into question any legitimacy they could have had, and makes it clear that they aren’t governing for real Canadian citizens.

If Trudeau had any backbone or class, he would immediately fire Hussen and apologize to MacLeod, but we all know that’s not going to happen.

These are disturbing times for Canada.

Spencer Fernando

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