LANDSLIDE: United Conservative Party Wins Two Byelections By Huge Margins

Overwhelming victories for UCP as they hold on to two ridings.

The Alberta United Conservative Party has won overwhelming victories in two byelections, with the NDP far behind.

In the riding of Fort McMurray-Conklin, the UCP candidate Laila Goodridge won 65.89% of the vote, with the NDP way behind with just 29.53%.

In the riding of Innisfail-Sylvan Lake, it was an even bigger blowout. UCP candidate Dreeshen Devin got 81.76%, while the NDP  had just 9.23%.

While these were ridings already held by the UCP, the huge margin is a good sign for Conservatives in the upcoming election.

After the big victories, UCP Leader Jason Kenney shared his thoughts on Twitter:

“Big congratulations to @LailaGoodridge & @DevinDVote, the next MLAs for Fort McMurray-Conklin & Innisfail-Sylvan Lake.

Once again, Albertans have rejected the NDP’s fear & smear, tax-hiking agenda.

Momentum is on the side of common sense. Hope is on the horizon!”

“In Fort McMurrary-Conklin byelection, the NDP once again engaged in a fear & smear campaign, labelling Fort McMurray native @LailaGoodridge a “fly-in, fly-out” candidate. Once again, voters overwhelmingly rejected these tactics. When will the NDP learn?”

“Joined and his team last night to celebrate his landslide 82% victory as the new MLA for Innisfail-Sylvan Lake.”

This is good news for everyone who wants the ‘socialist experiment’ in Alberta to come to an end, and have common sense restored.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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shawn harris

The NDP just like their Liberal cousins, just don’t get it anymore. We have all seen through their fear and division tactics and are rejecting them. Just like we did here in Ontario, both the NDP and Liberals, tried using fear, doubt,and suspicion and they were soundly defeated time and again. The citizens of Alberta should be congratulated for standing up to the evils of political correctness and identity politics used by every Liberal and NDP government, including Trudeau’s. Jason Kenny, you and UCP have done a great job so far , keep up the great work. There is still… Read more »


I agree. Conservative all the way, thank God People are seeing the truth.

Norbert Kausen

The Phoenix rises; the Conservatives will destroy the Liberals across the country… the Trudeau Liberals will be done, they will lose so badly, they will lose party status, just like their Ontario counterparts, the reprehensible Wynne Gang! furthermore, they will not be granted any seats to help them keep their status, we do not want that arrogant Clown Prince of Mediocrity and his gang of disgraceful misfits back, to destroy Canada!!! They will be relegated to he garbage bins of history, as the worst Canadian government EVER!


Well said! Conservative’s all the way.


maybe they will get rid of all the no go zones in the Fort and those big ass mosques


Happy to read about the good news! Jason Kenney is a true leader!

Judi Edwards

Who were the 29% that voted for the useless and destructive NDP?