READ: In Joint Statement, Ontario & Saskatchewan Slam Trudeau Government Over Border Crisis

Minister Lisa MacLeod and Minister Jeremy Harrison hold Trudeau government accountable.

Following a contentious meeting over the illegal border crossing crisis, it has become clear that the Trudeau Liberals are refusing to enforce Canada’s borders and are refusing to bring the border crisis to an and. As a result, provinces are being overburdened, and the situation continues to worsen.

After the conclusion of the meeting, the Ministers responsible for immigration in both Ontario and Saskatchewan released a joint statement, instead of signing the statement put out by Ahmed Hussen.

The joint statement can be read below:

“While Ontario fully supports legal immigration and continues to fund a wide range of services to refugees and newcomers of all backgrounds, we will not be signing on to this communiqué. Instead, the Government of Ontario continues to call on the federal government to identify and fully fund a solution to the border crisis that has resulted from federal policy decisions.”

— The Honourable Lisa MacLeod, Ontario Minister of Children, Community and Social Services and Minister Responsible for Women’s Issues

“It is the Government of Saskatchewan’s position that the Government of Canada fully fund supports for asylum seekers that have arisen from recent federal policy decisions. The Government of Saskatchewan also calls on the Government of Canada to fully fund health, social assistance and employment supports for asylum seekers and recently arrived government-assisted refugees. Canada has yet to follow through on a commitment to fully support refugee transition, and there is now added pressure for provinces to also support asylum seekers.”

— The Honourable Jeremy Harrison, Saskatchewan Minister of Immigration and Career Training

As we can see, there is a growing backlash to the Trudeau government’s virtue-signalling open borders policies. Provinces are realizing that their citizens are paying the price for Justin Trudeau’s globalist grandstanding on the international stage.

Spencer Fernando

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Ron Voss

The Ontario government’s statement is stronger in that it opposes illegal immigration while Saskatchewan only wants the feds to provide the financial funds to cope with the mess the feds have created. What as in Hussen’s Statement and did all the other provinces sign on?


Spencer, is there no way Trudeau can be removed due mental illness, it is common knowledge that he is incapable of running this country.Are there measures in place that can remove him from his role as incompetent prime minister

Moe S.

Trudeau invited 70,000 asylum seekers in the last 18 months to his house but left town when these people showed up. This DUMP-AND-RUN gov’t has the nerve to start pointing fingers at the new Ontario PC gov’t for being “unCanadian” for holding Trudeau & Immigration Min. Ahmed Hussen accountable for the border mess. Surely, Trudeau, Hussen, and Lib MPs from the following elite Liberal ridings plan to lend a helping hand? Mike Wolfe provided the following list of elite Liberal ridings with community centers with plenty of space for the illegal migrants. Chrystia Freeland Liberal riding St. Pauls (Forest Hill)… Read more »

Ann Harris

I want to know if these illegal crossings have contributed to the huge rise in gun violence in Toronto. Suppose that’s unCanadian.


Great comment Moe!


Finally, government for the people, freedom, Democracy, get Canada out from under the “no boarders” globalist foreign puppets. Lieberal/NDP agendas, destroying our country.

Thank you Saskatchewan, for unifying with Ontario, if the rest of the provinces would also step up, maybe these non-Canadians destroying Canada will step down – please do.
We want a government for the people of Canada, not your Lieberal puppet masters the globalists and UN.

Norbert Kausen

All Canadians hold that Clown Prince of Mediocrity accountable!