REPORT: Iqra Khalid Parody Account Shut Down

Later resurfaces with all tweets deleted.

As I reported earlier, Liberal MP Iqra Khalid was complaining about parody accounts, one parodying her and the other parodying Ahmed Hussen.

Now, it seems those complaints have once again resulted in a parody account being shut down.

The account – which Khalid complained about claiming it made negative references to her religion and other comments – was shut down, and then later resurfaced with all of its tweets deleted.

As noted by the CP, “The Khalid account counted more than 1,000 followers, although at least 50 of them were other parody accounts. She said these kinds of accounts won’t keep her from doing her work as an MP. “This isn’t going to slow me down.”‘

Of course, it would be pretty crazy if an MPs work was ‘slowed down’ by a parody account, considering the fact that the government is supposed be focused on, you know, actually governing the country, rather than trying to police parody accounts.

The amount of effort and attention shown by the Trudeau Liberals to parody accounts, combined with their efforts (through things like M-103) to move towards stifling free expression, and their demonizing of Patriotic Canadians (like Ahmed Hussen calling Lisa MacLeod “Un-Canadian”), all show the increasingly authoritarian nature of the Trudeau government.

It’s a trend that is a serious threat to all we value as Canadians.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Lets be childish – THEY STARTED IT, THEY ASSAULTED US FIRST. I guess we need to get louder, maybe they will stop dividing us into smaller radical groups and wasting our tax dollars and step down, if you want to kill our businesses and shut us out of jobs and our own country that had strong borders, go find yourselves a non country to live in, please step down with the rest of your destructive supporters, and either be a real good Canadian and unify with the rest of Canada or go elsewhere, like Europe where your kind of thinking… Read more »


This action is very surreptitiously malevolent on several levels. Our constitution is deeply rooted in free-speech and clearly this is an effort to silence opposing views to the pathetic governance of the Trudeau Liberals. Even Trudeau, through his convenient self-absolution in answering to allegations of him groping a woman is another form of metaphorical laconism and censorship. This is not benign and not to be considered cavalierly. There are clearly forces at work trying to literally destroy the Canadian fabric and culture as we know it.


They are destroying our country!!!
What goes around comes around.

Although they will not top Wayne’s awesome performance at the poles, I believe they will be scrambling to top the Green Party. Best the liberal party be prepared for life after screwing us over

Brian dougan

Here is an apropos quotation; attributed to Lin Yutang. “When small men cast long shadows; you know the sun is about to set.” Trudeau is a small man; but causing massive amounts of damage to our country. How sad; how tragic–the sun may be setting on our fair country.


Maybe the parody account owners should crowd fund to take the Liberals to court for infringing on their Charter Rights of Free Expression and opinion. The Government can infringe on those rights under Section 1 but and it is a big but it must be able to legally show the following: When the government has limited an individual’s right, there is an onus upon the Crown to show, on the balance of probabilities, firstly, that the limitation was prescribed by law namely, that the law is attuned to the values of accessibility and intelligibility; and secondly, that it is justified… Read more »


It is not so far fetched to call the Trudeau regime a parody in itself. The only people fearful of parody are the incompetent. I wonder what they truly feel when looking in a mirror.