Trudeau Gov Spent $24K To Remove One Word From Branding Campaign

Pathetic waste.

Another example of truly pathetic government waste of our taxpayer dollars has been found.

It turns out the Trudeau government spent $24,000 on a consultant for making changes to the Invest in Canada Hub brand.

And what change did they end up making?

They changed “Invest in Canada Hub” to “Invest in Canada.”

That’s right. $24,000 was spent to remove one word.

As noted by the CP, “The document said Ottawa hired a creative agency for about $24,000 to assist in the naming effort, tossed around 2,000 words in search of ideas, wrote a long list of suggestions and consulted more than 125 stakeholders inside and outside government on the possibilities. Champagne’s ultimate selection wasn’t the No. 1 option generated by the process, the document says. The top recommendation was “Canada Global.”

Even worse, “The memo said the preferred English name was Invest Canada, but since the acceptable corresponding French version would be “Investir au Canada,” the translation needed “in.” “This essentially brings the process back to the same name that has been used over (the) past 10+ years.”‘

It’s an appalling example of government wasting our taxpayer dollars, and it illustrates a clear problem.

People often wonder how the government can steal so much of our money through taxes and then not have enough for core programs. It’s because of garbage like the “Invest in Canada” change, where thousands of dollars were basically thrown into the toilet.

That kind of waste gets repeated over and over and over again, because those spending the money have contempt for the taxpayers they took it from.

As a result, we keep paying more taxes and getting less.

And while the Ford government in Ontario is turning the tide back towards respect for taxpayers, the Trudeau government continues to spend our taxpayer dollars with reckless abandon.

Yet, despite these kinds of examples of waste, Trudeau still had the arrogance to tell a Canadian Veteran that Veterans are asking for too much money.

As always when Liberals in power, the government doesn’t have a revenue problem, they have a spending problem, and until Trudeau is defeated, it’s going to get worse and worse.

Spencer Fernando

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Tommy Hawk

When spending (stealing) other people’s money, anything is easy — moral? No. Sensible? No. Logical? No. Necessary? No. Practical? No. Intelligent? No.

One could easily determine that our ‘Merry Band of Bandits’ in the House on the Hill have very little honest concern about taking our money for any scheme they come up with.

There was a time, ‘in a country far away’ that there existed a modicum of honesty, even with politicians, but apparently, those days have been replaced with chicanery. And for some unknown reason, that appears to be acceptable.


Trudeau does not stop to amaze me in a very negative way, with all his idiotic actions. We are sick of him, sick of his government, sick of the wasteful spending. The turd thinks that he works for the government of Dubai. He is totally living in his own bubble of nothing.

Dave Bainard

And another liberal donor has received his payback.

Wendy Lush

During the 2015 election when Trudeau was pushing his #1 election promise of legalizing pot so that we could all get wasted, we didn’t know he meant the public coffers getting wasted. Maybe he’s just confused.

This is the same guy who gave $20 million of taxpayer funds to the corrupt Clinton Foundation to further their mutual globalist agenda. In light of that, 8 grand per letter ain’t so bad. /s

Beverley Campbell

I must say that he must also be surrounded by dolts, anyone scanning the plan to headline anything about Canada and writing “Invest In Canada Hub”, would see immediately that it just doesn’t mean anything whereas “Invest in Canada” means a great deal.

Whoever wrote that originally should have to pay us, the taxpayers, the 24K.