Trudeau Liberals Seeking To Have More Parody Accounts Shut Down

The latest is a parody account of Iqra Khalid – the MP who introduced M-103.

Rather than focus on the numerous challenges facing our country, the Trudeau Liberals are once again turning their attention to parody Twitter accounts.

The latest account the Liberals want shut down is an account parodying MP Iqra Khalid.

As noted by the CP, “While some of the accounts criticize government policy or poke fun at various ministers, the Khalid account points out her Muslim heritage and accuses her of supporting Islamic State militants or Sharia law. At least one parody account of Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen, who is also Muslim, features similar sentiments. Khalid, who represents a riding in Mississauga, Ont., said she didn’t think she would merit a parody account, since she’s not in cabinet. She’d be fine with it, she said — except for the fact this particular account goes too far.”

Khalid said “Everybody has the right to speak their mind, but freedoms come with responsibility and when we have the power to speak we should do it with care. It’s unfortunate that they are spreading fake news, and sowing fear and division.”

Of course, when a politician talks about using free expression ‘responsibly,’ they are usually preparing for a crackdown on free speech and free expression. After all, everyone has a different idea of what is ‘fearful’ or ‘divisive,’ which is why it’s so dangerous when the government steps in.

And Khalid and the Liberals have already moved down the path of restricting speech with M-103, which is part of their attempt to make any criticism of Islam (criticism which must be allowed in a free society), seem like ‘islamophobia’ and ‘hate,’ and ban that criticism.

Trudeau Liberals disturbing obsession with parody accounts

The continued obsession by the Trudeau Liberals with parody accounts is disturbing. In almost every democratic nation, there are countless parody accounts of public figures. That’s simply a result of living in a country where we are allowed to criticism and mock our politicians.

In most countries, governments accept (even reluctantly) that parody accounts are a fact of life. Yet, the Trudeau Liberals are continually trying to assert government power and shut those accounts down, which is a dangerous attack on free expression.

Instead of trying to stop Canadians from mocking them, the government should be focused on real issues, like our trade relationships, ISIS fighters infiltrating our country, and collapsing investment. But once again, we see that the Trudeau Liberals are only focused on serving themselves, not Canadians.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Fred Dimmick

Censorship and dictatorial controlling “Liberals” so typical.
Just shut up and do as we tell you.
Pretty much what we got from his daddy.




Perhaps the reason they don’t deal with real issues
is because of their incompetence.
Therefore, they do all that they are capable of,
protecting their image and suppressing our rights.


A new study has revealed that 1 in 3 liberals are just as stupid as the other 2.

shawn harris

The biggest problem with protecting free speech, besides Trudeau and his merry band of censors, is governments thinking that they alone should be arbiter of free speech. Speech and the freedom to use it are always evolving. We have gone from using the townsquare to make ourselves and our thoughts known to now using computers, social media, and cell phones. But never until now have our freedoms been so challenged that they may actually be used as a weapon against us. It appears that Trudeau is acting out George Orwell’s book 1984 , and if we don’t fight back harder,… Read more »


While the LPC under Trudeau’s “leadership” is sending Canada to the brink of financial ruin, they choose to focus on parody accounts. What Canada needs to focus on is how very dangerous Trudeau is to our country as he welcomes back terrorists with blood on their filthy hands. Canada needs to focus on the fact that Trudeau and his family have zero loyalty to this country. Canadians need to open their eyes and see Trudeau for what he really is: a dangerous narcissist and a pathological liar. As for Iqra…”but freedoms come with responsibility and when we have the power… Read more »

Brian dougan

Amen brother.

David MacKAY

Liberals and dictators share one thin in common. They completely lose it when being made fun of – which makes it even more funny. Subsequently you see nations like Turkey with Dictator Erdogan who Trudeau admires – Turkey wanting to have death sentences for those who insult or make fun of Erdogan. Tell us what you really wnat to do with people who make fun of you or Islam Justin.

Tommy Hawk

We all realize (although our ‘government’ considers us to be incapable of such thoughts) that this government is well on its way to a dictatorship — exemplified by history — and will simply NOT allow truly free speech. If free speech is restricted regarding one subject it is, by definition, restricting free speech on every subject deemed by the government to be not acceptable — and we all know where that eventually leads — unless we are totally ignorant of reality.

Brian dougan

I believe that Trudope Senior literally gave the middle finger to Albertans. Junior has extended the range of his delicate middle finger–to include all of Canada. If only there was the political will to remove this buffoon from office–Now. October 2019 is too far away.


Sounds like a great parody to watch, the one on Iqra Khalid! Now finally she and and the other MPs who are half Canadians are getting to know Canadians, our sense of humor. It is typical of democratic nations and a stamp that we are democratic. Unlike the repressive Pakistan or Iran that shut down any type of expression, including showing the most obvious signature of a person, the face. Iqra and the gang need to expand their horizons if they want to be full Canadians one day.


You know what scares me? the fact that Iran used to look like our country in the sixties…? i think, but i’ve seen the freedom they had back then, into the early seventies…have to learn more on the dates and years, but bottom line is…the country used to be free like ours…see what it looks like now? it’s pure desolation…dark and negative energy…but prior to the current state of the country, it was just the small things that were changed first…like freedom of speech…then it escalated from there…and now it’s hell on earth…wouldn’t want to incarnate in the next life… Read more »