Trudeau Liberals Seeking To Have More Parody Accounts Shut Down

The latest is a parody account of Iqra Khalid – the MP who introduced M-103.

Rather than focus on the numerous challenges facing our country, the Trudeau Liberals are once again turning their attention to parody Twitter accounts.

The latest account the Liberals want shut down is an account parodying MP Iqra Khalid.

As noted by the CP, “While some of the accounts criticize government policy or poke fun at various ministers, the Khalid account points out her Muslim heritage and accuses her of supporting Islamic State militants or Sharia law. At least one parody account of Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen, who is also Muslim, features similar sentiments. Khalid, who represents a riding in Mississauga, Ont., said she didn’t think she would merit a parody account, since she’s not in cabinet. She’d be fine with it, she said — except for the fact this particular account goes too far.”

Khalid said “Everybody has the right to speak their mind, but freedoms come with responsibility and when we have the power to speak we should do it with care. It’s unfortunate that they are spreading fake news, and sowing fear and division.”

Of course, when a politician talks about using free expression ‘responsibly,’ they are usually preparing for a crackdown on free speech and free expression. After all, everyone has a different idea of what is ‘fearful’ or ‘divisive,’ which is why it’s so dangerous when the government steps in.

And Khalid and the Liberals have already moved down the path of restricting speech with M-103, which is part of their attempt to make any criticism of Islam (criticism which must be allowed in a free society), seem like ‘islamophobia’ and ‘hate,’ and ban that criticism.

Trudeau Liberals disturbing obsession with parody accounts

The continued obsession by the Trudeau Liberals with parody accounts is disturbing. In almost every democratic nation, there are countless parody accounts of public figures. That’s simply a result of living in a country where we are allowed to criticism and mock our politicians.

In most countries, governments accept (even reluctantly) that parody accounts are a fact of life. Yet, the Trudeau Liberals are continually trying to assert government power and shut those accounts down, which is a dangerous attack on free expression.

Instead of trying to stop Canadians from mocking them, the government should be focused on real issues, like our trade relationships, ISIS fighters infiltrating our country, and collapsing investment. But once again, we see that the Trudeau Liberals are only focused on serving themselves, not Canadians.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube