DIVISIVE: After “Un-Canadian” Attack, Ahmed Hussen Must Resign Or Be Fired

Trudeau’s immigration minister is now siding with illegal border crossers and demonizing Canadians who want our border respected. That can’t be allowed.

Ahmed Hussen’s attack on Lisa MacLeod – where he called her “Un-Canadian” for demanding border security – is incredibly disturbing.

It showed that Hussen is now openly standing on the side of those who are breaking Canada’s laws.

And worse, he is now demonizing Lisa MacLeod and the majority of Canadians who want our border respected.

It’s as if the world has been turned upside down: Someone who was welcomed to Canada as a refugee is now telling Canadians who support the integrity of the same system he legally used that they are now “Un-Canadian.”


Canadians now have to be wondering why we should listen to anything the government says, or follow any law passed by the Trudeau Liberals, now that they are standing with those who enter Canada illegally.

If supporting our legal borders is “Un-Canadian” in Hussen’s view, then is it “Un-Canadian” to support other laws?

Is it “Un-Canadian” to follow tax laws?

Is it “Un-Canadian” to follow drug laws?

What else is “Un-Canadian” to Hussen and the Trudeau government?

And if the only law Hussen has a problem with is our border laws, then how the hell can he be the immigration minister?

This level of disloyalty, demonization, and divisiveness being shown by Hussen is a huge risk to our country, and he is using his role to try and tear apart Canada’s unity.

If Trudeau had any common sense, Hussen would be forced to resign, and would be fired if he refused to leave on his own.

But we know that Hussen is doing Trudeau’s bidding, pushing the kind of open-borders, ‘post-national’ state that would spell the end of Canada as we know it. He won’t be punished by Trudeau. If anything, he will be rewarded.

Spencer Fernando

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