Fear-Mongering Butts Calls Supporters Of Canada’s Border Laws “Alt-Right”

The Trudeau Liberals are doubling down on the demonization of Canadians.

It is now clear that Ahmed Hussen’s attack on Lisa MacLeod – where he called her “Un-Canadian” – wasn’t just a one-off.

It’s official Trudeau Liberal policy.

That’s the obvious message from a recent tweet by Trudeau’s best buddy Gerald Butts:

“Enough is enough. It’s time to stand up to this divisive fear-mongering about asylum seekers. Let’s not allow the alt-right to do here what they’re doing elsewhere.”


Trudeau Liberals Unhinged

The Trudeau Liberals have lost their minds.

Just months ago, they were calling the border crossings illegal. There are signs at the border that point out it is illegal to cross outside of official border crossings.

Now, they’re attacking us as “Un-Canadian” for wanting our border laws respected, and they’re insanely claiming that support for borders as an “alt-right” position.

Keep in mind, a recent poll shows 67% of Ontarians siding with Doug Ford over Justin Trudeau when it comes to the border – with those 67% supporting Ford’s correct argument that the illegal border crossing crisis is 100% the responsibility of the Trudeau.

Does Butts now think 67% of Ontarians are “alt-right?”

Butts and Hussen are now attacking the vast majority of Canadians who want our borders respected, purposely ignoring the fact that there is a huge difference between legal immigration – which has widespread support – and illegal immigration – which Canadians strongly oppose.

Canadians don’t like seeing people jump the queue and cut in line. We don’t like seeing our laws ignored. We don’t like seeing our borders disrespected.

And we sure as hell don’t like seeing the government we fund with our tax dollars fear-monger and demonize us for wanting our national borders upheld.

Spencer Fernando

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Ron Voss

“Alt-Right” is a fanciful bogey man created by the left. If alt-right is defined as someone who wants our borders and our border laws respected, then I am proud to be right and alt-right.


Not only are these people openly allowed to cross illegally, jump to the front of the line, but they are rewarded with OUR TAX DOLLARS to have free housing, medical, education, food, clothing —– while they wait to be processed, which could take years. Many born and raised Canadian citizens are about to become homeless or close to it, due to job insecurity, high rents, student loan repayments — they don’t have medical, dental or any government funded subsidies to assist them, it’s either swim or sink. Does anyone see the big picture here? Does anyone see what Ontario, particularly… Read more »


Europe is the Beta test. Sweden is lost. As long as the globalist elite bankers are in charge the entire global population is in danger of becoming economic refugees. The time is nigh when we should be tightening borders not flinging them open. Trudeau is simply an operative, much like a pike that supports a head. As long as we keep electing operatives instead of leaders we will develop more classes of people who definitely are not equal. It is so ingrained in us we think we are all equal and if you do not believe that, try building a… Read more »


We all know that Trudeau must have loose screws upstairs because he is like a child treating Canada like his playground and our money to do with as he pleases. He won’t be PM forever and then time will tell how the public he betrayed will react.

David Cooper

They both need to “but” out. BTW, they are almost right. It’s not alt-right, but all right. We are!

joe blo

” Butts should put his elitist libtarded head back in his butt. “


Pretty simple, no borders no more country just a wide open free for all take over land. Sounds more like a horror movie nightmare. We are in dire straits unless there is a complete turn around. Time for some sane thinking out there. Enough of the twisted labels like alt-right or far left or any new slant on language. If it’s not in the dictionary don’t bother to confuse everyone.

Glen Aldridge

Regardless of whether the Liberals agree or disagree with the opinions of the majority of Canadians, as OUR Government it is their job to abide by the wishes & desires of the majority not force their own agenda on us. They seem to have forgotten that little bit of responsibility.


The ‘global citizen’ also likes to boast: “That’s what Canadians want”. If you didn’t feel it, just imagine the sound of millions clapping, cheering and endless bright colored confetti falling from the sky along with soap-bubbles flowing in the breeze. -I wonder at times who he refers to, for 60.53% didn’t want him elected, and more disapprove each day. And hasn’t the deliberate and continuous incompetence become reason enough yet to switch to a *direct democracy* before we are subjected to further dictates and strategic influence/manipulation by traitors whom support ‘world government’? I plant that *seed* with love, in hopes… Read more »


Brilliant Writting!! I would read your book


Alt Right. What a proud title to have ! At last . . . I finally have a good reason to be grateful to the Liberals for recognising excellence in Canadian patriotism.

Kevin Smith

Actually, it is the law to welcome asylum seekers, Spencer. Please get informed! As a Conservative, I recognize that most of these migrants are doing their very best to avoid persecution and death. 85% of the migrants this year are from Nigeria. I’m no fan of Butts and Trudeau but your posts are making it easier for them. Let’s just cap immigration at 300,000 and not be xenophobic as you are. https://www.christianpost.com/voice/pure-genocide-in-nigeria-christians-under-attack.html


Actual asylum seekers would enter Canada at a legal border crossing, not intentionally bypass the Law. These illegals have the money to get to the US and then travel to the border, therefore they have enough money to cover their living expenses until their cases are heard in turn, well after all legal applicants have had their hearings. Canada has enough criminals, lawbreakers and Liberals.

Juan Galt

Then why aren’t those Nigerians coming through a legal point of entry? Why aren’t they claiming asylum in the first safe country they arrive in (USA) as per the US/Canada agreement?

Face it, they’re not real refugees but rather economic migrants looking to jump the queue by exploiting the loophole in our border laws.

And if you were a true conservative you would be gravely concerned about the massive economic impact these illegal border crossers will have on the Canadian taxpayer!

Norbert Kausen

You are EXACTLY right, Juan!!!

Moe S.

Actually Kevin, Canada is NOT , as you and Trudeau claim, required to provide everyone who shows up at Canada’s borders, legally or illegally, protections equal to those afforded Canadian citizens. We MUST safeguard their lives & freedom, but ONLY if they have arrived from an unsafe country. 85% of Nigerians who have crossed ‘illegally’ into Canada are economic asylum seekers. Nigeria is NOT an unsafe country. It is a country of massive poverty. The United States is NOT an unsafe country from which many economic asylum seekers, ie; Nigerians, Haitians, and Central American migrants are coming from. “Kevin, please… Read more »


A hundred up-votes. Thanks, Moe.


Xenophobia is defined as “an irrational fear or dislike of people from other countries” Not wanting my tax dollars wasted on foreign criminals is not irrational…The Nigerians/Haitians/Americans coming to Canada are coming from the US, (ILLEGALLY) theyre safe in a country that wont kill them..but they wont get free healthcare or welfare. They’re not getting off ships after crossing the ocean; they’ve decided that they will cross the border ILLEGALLY because we have a social safety net paid for by the people of Canada. they know this… if they are willing to break that law; what other laws would they… Read more »

Norbert Kausen

I categorically agree with you, ROB!!! It will likely get to the point where citizens will take the law into their own hands, considering the disgraceful politicians won’t!

Fred Dimmick

What what else do you expect from the ‘Alt Left’ fiberals ? They stole NDP policies years ago. The whole Trudeau family was and are limousine socialist hypocrites only interested in international acclaim.


The Liberals are a disgrace to this country and the thousands of men and women who lost their lives to give us our freedoms are so disrespected by this trash. Butts nothing but a mouth piece for Trudeau.

Norbert Kausen

Exactly, Allis… and an UNELECTED one with NO authority or credibility!!! He should be charged with treason! He has NO business commenting on anything!

Ed Peebles

Don’t Give to much Credibility to the Groper’s Assistant !!!

Ed Peebles


The truth is they have lost control of our border.

John Rosebrugh

Butts is showing narcissistic character by “ reversing blame when wrong” , he’s clearly backwards but that how narcissistic minds work.
Butts and Truedeau are so obviously “UN CANADIAN “ to not protect our Canadian boarders and also to allow terrorists into Canada that will eventually organize and act.

Elizabeth Thorne

Where are all the people who are concerned about all the Christians who have been killed world wide? I am so tired of horse pucky. It is the job of the government to look after the security of Canadians, Kevin Smith–get informed.

Elizabeth Thorne

I had a dream, I was living in 1934.

Ron Herman

Maybe Butts should be charged with treason, stripped of his wealth and citizenship, and deported to one of those countries him and the stammering village idiot covet…

A.A. Burley

He is correct on one subject,” Enough is Enough”! Butts wrongfully calls anyone that believes our borders are to be protected, Alt-Right. I call them Taxpayers that will be voting out this government that panders to a certain grope(this was a typo but I ‘ll leave it in,)
Liberals will be smashed by Conservatives and the NDP will take votes, but not many away from the Lying, non-answering, redacted information providing, snickering Sativa stoned, Immigration Ignoring, Border bungling Bozos


Who is this Butts guy. Where does this glorified office boy get off speaking for the current Prime Minister?

Should we be referring to Prime Minister Butts rather than the current puppet?

A.A. Burley

@g.m.butts was the editor of the World Wildlife Fund before he was whisked away from his job conning tweens to donate their allowances to Wynne the ousted liberal party leader of Ontario.
wynne lost the election because of the astronomical costs related to solar and wind power that was handed to Ontario taxpayers. Where do you think this pop,(piece of puke) got all these millions from? It couldn’t be from investing in shell company’s providing bills to taxpayers in Ontario.


The governmet employee, Mr. Butts, is he possibly maligning others? People with another opinion? Canada has official borders? Are they not to be observed? Are laws not to be followed? What might be called or some may call his possible or his actual actions? Maligning? What might be able to be done about that if he possibly has?

A.A. Burley

He is correct on one subject,” Enough is Enough”! Butts wrongfully calls anyone that believes our borders are to be protected, Alt-Right. I call them Taxpayers that will be voting out this government that panders to a certain grope(this was a typo but I ‘ll leave it in,)
Liberals will be smashed by Conservatives and the NDP will take votes, but not many away from the Lying, non-answering, redacted information providing, snickering Sativa stoned, Immigration Ignoring, Border bungling Bozos.

Norbert Kausen

Butts should keep his filthy communist, liberal mouth shut!!! He is NOT an elected representative, he has NO say in Canada’s affairs! He is a treasonous b*st*rd and should be investigated as such… and charged if deemed to be!!! Butts does not support our laws??? He needs to be set straight!!! He as NO authority and no credibility!!!