Fear-Mongering Butts Calls Supporters Of Canada’s Border Laws “Alt-Right”

The Trudeau Liberals are doubling down on the demonization of Canadians.

It is now clear that Ahmed Hussen’s attack on Lisa MacLeod – where he called her “Un-Canadian” – wasn’t just a one-off.

It’s official Trudeau Liberal policy.

That’s the obvious message from a recent tweet by Trudeau’s best buddy Gerald Butts:

“Enough is enough. It’s time to stand up to this divisive fear-mongering about asylum seekers. Let’s not allow the alt-right to do here what they’re doing elsewhere.”


Trudeau Liberals Unhinged

The Trudeau Liberals have lost their minds.

Just months ago, they were calling the border crossings illegal. There are signs at the border that point out it is illegal to cross outside of official border crossings.

Now, they’re attacking us as “Un-Canadian” for wanting our border laws respected, and they’re insanely claiming that support for borders as an “alt-right” position.

Keep in mind, a recent poll shows 67% of Ontarians siding with Doug Ford over Justin Trudeau when it comes to the border – with those 67% supporting Ford’s correct argument that the illegal border crossing crisis is 100% the responsibility of the Trudeau.

Does Butts now think 67% of Ontarians are “alt-right?”

Butts and Hussen are now attacking the vast majority of Canadians who want our borders respected, purposely ignoring the fact that there is a huge difference between legal immigration – which has widespread support – and illegal immigration – which Canadians strongly oppose.

Canadians don’t like seeing people jump the queue and cut in line. We don’t like seeing our laws ignored. We don’t like seeing our borders disrespected.

And we sure as hell don’t like seeing the government we fund with our tax dollars fear-monger and demonize us for wanting our national borders upheld.

Spencer Fernando

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