POLL: Ontarians Side With Ford Over Trudeau On Illegal Border Crossing Mess

Over two-thirds support Ford’s position.

While the Trudeau government is busy attacking people who want border security as “Un-Canadian,” the fact is that a clear majority of Ontarians side with Doug Ford over Justin Trudeau when it comes to the illegal border crossing mess.

The Ford government has had the toughness to actually call the crossings illegal, while the Trudeau government attacks those who call a spade a spade.

The Ford government has also made clear that the illegal border crossing mess is 100% the responsibility of the Trudeau government, and that the federal government must pay the cost (which comes out of our pockets in the end), rather than download it onto provincial and municipal governments.

By contrast, the Trudeau government has refused to take full responsibility, and hasn’t covered the full cost of their dangerous open borders policy.

Now, a survey by Campaign Research shows that over two-thirds of Ontarians support the Ford government’s decision to demand that the Trudeau government cover the costs:

“When asked whether or not they agree with this decision, 67% of Ontario residents agreed that the federal government is responsible for covering these costs, with strong support across all ages and regions of Ontario.”

So what’s next? Is Ahmed Hussen going to call the majority of Ontarians “Un-Canadian”?

People simply aren’t buying the lies and spin being pushed by the Trudeau government. We know that Trudeau is responsible for the crisis, and we know that the illegal crossings are having a serious negative impact on our country.

Once again, Ford is right, and Trudeau is wrong.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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All the illegal immigrants should be deported and Hussen should be fired! A nation without borders is not a country. There are to many corrupt liberals working in the government starting with Justin Trudeau the worst mistake in the history of Canada.


I am sure that across the country Canadians would agree, but un-Canadian Lieberal/NDP foreign globalist placed government and the still few un Canadian Lieberal socialist voters (for pot) should be paying for this horrible mess they are making. Not Canadians.
The Rt. Hon. Stephen Harper did warn us, but the propaganda Lieberal/NDP owned mainstream media of course did not want Canadians aware of this, .and although they claim to be “educated” they cannot seem to think for themselves, and that is what these totalitarianism globalists Lieberals want.

Dave Bainard

One would think that Quebecers would be following Ontario’s lead. But then, more people means more equalization payments on top of Jr’s ‘generous’ refugee allowance.

shawn harris

Trudeau created this immigration mess, as a desperate and cynical ploy to get votes, that he hopes will keep his party in power. Everything, Trudeau has done on the immigration file, has been from the beginning, deceitful and not in the best interests of either the immigrants, refugees or Canadians. There is not one single benefit for either the immigrants, refugees , Canadians, or those cities, towns and villages that are being forced to house and feed them. Trudeau actually thinks that destroying the social services and finances of our cities and provinces, all to cynically get votes, is a… Read more »


Ontarians must support Andrew Scheer in the 2019 election or watch Canada disintegrate. It is really that simple.