REPORT: Poll Shows Strong Support For Premier Doug Ford’s Leadership

Early moves in government receive majority approval from Ontarians.

While the corrupt elites and the biased media lose their minds, it turns out that Doug Ford’s first acts as Ontario Premier are quite popular with Ontarians.

That’s the findings in a new Campaign Research Poll, and the key numbers are below:

69% of Ontarians support Ford’s line-by-line government spending audit, 61% support the freeze on public service bureaucrats, 55% support the public service hiring freeze, 54% support the end of the cap-and-trade carbon tax, and 66% support changes to the OHIP+ Program.

Campaign Research CEO Eli Yufest said, “The early policies of Premier Ford’s mandate have been met with wide-spread support among Ontarians. A strong majority support much of what Premier Ford has announced, particularly the line-by-line audit. The decisive win Premier Ford and the PC Party received last month has carried through to the early days of their mandate and Ontarians are lock-step with the government, so far.”

The poll shows that Doug Ford and the new Ontario government are taking actions that are supported by the People, and all the ranting of the radical leftists and the elites can’t change that fact.

Doug Ford promised a government for the People, and he’s delivering.

Read the full Campaign Research Poll here

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Roger Shelswell

How could it be any other way.

Ron Voss

Still not a significant majority on some issues such as a 55% support the public service hiring freeze and 54% support the end of the cap-and-trade carbon tax. Surprised that support for the end of a carbon tax is not higher. Not sure what that means. Still a lot of left leaning Ontarions or a large percentage have been convinced by the media, etc. that man-made global warming is a problem that needs to be addressed?


Democracy it works for the people of Canada. Thank you Doug Ford for stepping up and protecting our democracy in Ontario. Finally common sense and a new trust in Ontario’s government and any Canadian with a well working brain can see common sense real Democracy works. Now We need a real democratic Canadian federal government as we do not have one. We need all the Democratic for the people provincial governments to stand up together like Saskatchewan and Ontario and make our NOT for Canada fake foreign UN feds, step down, along with their false media, and we will become… Read more »