If The Border Crossings Aren’t Illegal, Why Does This Government Sign Say Otherwise?

While Ahmed Hussen and Gerald Butts condemn Canadians who want our laws followed, the federal government’s own sign says crossing outside a Port of Entry is illegal.

Illegal border crosser.

That’s the correct term for someone who crosses into Canada illegally.

It doesn’t matter why they cross.

It doesn’t matter the reason.

If someone crosses outside of an official Port of Entry, it is an illegal border crossing.

This is basic common sense.

Yet, much of the corrupted media, alongside radical leftists and the globalist elites, have condemned any Canadian willing to speak this basic truth, and are using weasel words to distract from reality.

Ahmed Hussen called Lisa MacLeod “Un-Canadian.”

Gerald Butts called Canadians “Alt-Right.”

But those Liberal lies don’t change the facts.

Anyone who crosses into Canada outside of a legal Port of Entry is an illegal border crosser.

And guess what?

While Trudeau and his stooges virtue-signal on the issue and condemn the Canadian People, the federal government’s own signage at the border makes clear the crossings are illegal.

Just take a look at the photo below (thank you to @seeminglycursed on Twitter for sharing it):

Illegal Border Crossing Sign

It’s crystal clear.

So, not only are the Trudeau Liberals using lies and deception to demonize Canadians, but they’re even going against the rules the federal government is supposed to be enforcing.

It’s disloyalty to our nation, our laws, and our people at a level rarely seen before in our history.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Putting Ahmed Hussen in charge of immigration is tantamount to making Charles Manson a male nurse! there is no way Hussen can be objective on this file as the current state of affairs shows.


The same with most of the Ministers. Khalid in charge of banning free speech, barbie the enviro / climate jihadist, Morneau the ethics and truth violator, Gooddale who is incapable of protecting Canadians, Monsef who travels with Trudeau when wife#1 stays home, Wilson-Raybould who simply ignores Sections 318 and 319 of the criminal code of Canada, and on and on and on. All these pathetic bureaucrats led by a puppet controlled by Prime Minister Butts.


Our “loose Confederation” seems to have developed a rattle. A revolting development indeed. The cause has been determined to be because of his use of all those foreign made parts. Here is an acronym for ya: Resist Elites Brokering Everyone’s Life and Liberty In Our Nation. If he can, we can, it is that serious.


Trudeau needs to arrested by the Mounties along with his cabinet of traitors.


It makes you really, really wonder, how these people really got elected, with all their bad agendas and their lies? I never believed they could get elected, they are ridiculous, especially when you saw how truthful and intelligent, getting us out of debt, respected around the world, loved and cared for Canada, Conservative Mr. S. Harper ( he tried to work with these “one world open boarder lost in space Lieberal/NDP rude childish and worse who put Conservatives down falsely and now the whole of Canada, claimed to be the “natural rulers of Canada”with all their false media and opening… Read more »

Marion Vermeersch

My family “crossed the border” legally, at that time – Dad at the Port of Quebec in 1925 and my mother, brother and I at Pier 21, Halifax in 1946 (War Bride ship). But almost 60 years later, the last government accused us and many others of having been illegal “never should have been given that citizenship in the first place” we were told, and worse. It seems none of the political parties have ever got it right. Rather than individual politicians, why can they not work together and come up with a clear, straightforward Citizenship Act, no old “arcane”… Read more »

Glen Aldridge

If the sign says illegal crossing, wouldn’t someone who aids & abets this criminal activity also be guilty of an offense? In the U.S. /Mexico Border they are known as Coyotes or Human Smugglers.
Not much of a distinction between what Trudeau is doing except hiding behind his position. Come to think of it that’s what Pablo Escobar did too.


Trudeau and Hussen should be charged with treason.

Martin J Hoogerdijk

The Prime Minister and the elected officials swore an oath to uphold the laws of Canada when they were sworn I to office. The signs at the border to Canada are basically a summary of our laws regarding entry into Canada. By them protectecting those breaking our laws, they are in essence in breach of their oath of office. They are committing treason against our Country and our Laws!


You know who is getting off scott free in this debate? Ralph Goodale, the most artful dodger of accountability in the Liberal government. The Minister of Public Safety, cough, sputter, cough, choke.


They broke the law, simple. Arrest them and put them in jail. We will easily find replacements.

Ivan Hawkes

Justin and Ahmed could not possibly care less about the people of Canada, which they prove consistently. Blowing our future potential by creating deep debt slavery of our children, proclaiming Canada as a “post nation state” and allowing our borders to not exist, creating taxes and conditions to disable economic progress, undermining the laws of Canada. These are only some of the negative actions of this so called government. Justin is a simple minded PUPPET under the direction of globalists who intend to destroy any strength Canada could easily manifest. They will only be satisfied when Canada is in a… Read more »


Spencer…you’ve alerted Trudeau about what the signs say at the Illegal entry points. Now he may deduce that the wording of the signs should be changed to ” Welcome to Canada…all those who are looking for a better life and free housing, health care and education…PLUS a welfare allowance indefinitely and bonuses for producing children. Canadians are naiive suckers! ” signed…Soros’ favourite puppet…Trudeau…the Prime Minister of this ‘Post National chunk of land’ north of USA.