If The Border Crossings Aren’t Illegal, Why Does This Government Sign Say Otherwise?

While Ahmed Hussen and Gerald Butts condemn Canadians who want our laws followed, the federal government’s own sign says crossing outside a Port of Entry is illegal.

Illegal border crosser.

That’s the correct term for someone who crosses into Canada illegally.

It doesn’t matter why they cross.

It doesn’t matter the reason.

If someone crosses outside of an official Port of Entry, it is an illegal border crossing.

This is basic common sense.

Yet, much of the corrupted media, alongside radical leftists and the globalist elites, have condemned any Canadian willing to speak this basic truth, and are using weasel words to distract from reality.

Ahmed Hussen called Lisa MacLeod “Un-Canadian.”

Gerald Butts called Canadians “Alt-Right.”

But those Liberal lies don’t change the facts.

Anyone who crosses into Canada outside of a legal Port of Entry is an illegal border crosser.

And guess what?

While Trudeau and his stooges virtue-signal on the issue and condemn the Canadian People, the federal government’s own signage at the border makes clear the crossings are illegal.

Just take a look at the photo below (thank you to @seeminglycursed on Twitter for sharing it):

Illegal Border Crossing Sign

It’s crystal clear.

So, not only are the Trudeau Liberals using lies and deception to demonize Canadians, but they’re even going against the rules the federal government is supposed to be enforcing.

It’s disloyalty to our nation, our laws, and our people at a level rarely seen before in our history.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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