READ: In Series Of Tweets, Rempel Shreds Hussen’s Fake ‘Facts’


Ahmed Hussen, fresh off calling Lisa MacLeod “Un-Canadian” for wanting border laws followed, tweeted a series of ‘facts’ about the border crisis.

Of course, his ‘facts’ were fake, designed to spread misinformation and distort what’s really happening.

On Twitter, Conservative Immigration Critic Michelle Rempel pushed back, shredding Hussen’s fake ‘facts’ and explaining what’s really happening:

“This year, Illegal border crossing figures are currently at some of the highest in Canadian history. The Liberals try to spin it so that 1200+ people illegally crossing the border in one month is normal. These people have already reached the safety of the US. The # s/b zero.”

“Fact: In Ontario alone, the welfare costs associated with illegal border crossers from the US who have subsequently claimed asylum this year alone is $90M. This has not been accounted for in any federal budget.”

“Fact: Trudeau sent 80 IRCC staff to Montreal process the papaerwork for illegal border crossers, and spent $179M of deficit funds to provide processing resources for illegal border crossers. Those resources could have been used to process those who are legally trying to enter.”

“FACT: The wait times for Privately Sponsored Refugees – those patiently waiting overseas, many in UN refugee camps is over seven years in some areas. Under Trudeau, the wait time to enter Canada illegally from the US is zero days.”

Once again, Ahmed Hussen has been caught lying to the Canadian People, and Michelle Rempel has done a great job exposing Hussen’s attempted deceptions.

When it comes to the Illegal Border Crossing Crisis, the truth is on the side of Patriotic Canadians, not the Trudeau government.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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