The Canadian Government Has An Obligation To Canadian Citizens, Not Illegal Border Crossers

Any government that fails to understand this has no business being in power.

The Trudeau government keeps slandering Canadians for wanting border security.

First, Ahmed Hussen called Lisa MacLeod “Un-Canadian.”

Then, Gerald Butts called Canadians “alt-right” for wanting our border laws respected.

While the words used by Hussen and Butts were different, their message points to the same strategy being deployed by the Trudeau Liberals: Side with those entering Canada illegally, while slandering Canadian citizens.

It is absolutely disgusting to see the Trudeau government use this strategy.

And it shows that they are purposely ignoring a fundamental truth:

The Canadian Government has an obligation to Canadian Citizens, not illegal border crossers.

There is a reason the Canadian government is called ‘Canadian.’ It is paid for by Canadians, and it exists solely to serve Canadians. If it didn’t, it would be named something else.

It exists to serve Canadian citizens, and enforce Canadian laws.

And that means it is outrageous for resources to be diverted from serving Canadians to instead going towards those who entered Canada illegally.

Canada doesn’t have limitless financial resources. That means choices must be made. And the Canadian government must always choose to stand with Canadian citizens when it comes to deploying resources.

That also means the Canadian government has no obligation to illegal border crossers.

Of course, this is the point at which the leftist elites will chime in and talk about the “United Nations” or other “international obligations.”

Here’s why they are wrong:

First, the UN has no way to enforce their authority over how Canada deals with our border and how we manage the issue of illegal border crossers. After all, various UN committees have condemned nearly every country on Earth (including democratic nations) for supposed violations of UN policy. The UN is basically powerless, is ignored by most, and is massively hypocritical (Saudi Arabia and Venezuela running ‘human rights’ council). So, we don’t need to listen to their empty words.

Second, the issue is people crossing illegally. There is no right to enter a country illegally. If someone enters at a legal border crossing and makes an asylum claim, that claim should be heard – unless they are violating the safe third country agreement. Since those entering Canada illegally are entering from the United States (which is a safe country regardless of the leftist rhetoric), it is not the same as those entering from unsafe countries.

And finally, there are signs at the border – put up by the federal government – making it clear that it is illegal to enter Canada outside of legal border crossings.

So, the UN can’t tell us what to do, people entering from the US are not truly asylum-seeking refugees, and it is clearly illegal to cross outside of legal crossings.

That’s why Canada has no obligation to those who enter our country illegally. They should be detained, treated humanly, and then returned to their original nation. A few weeks of that would very clearly send a signal of deterrence, and make it clear that Canada will enforce our laws and will not accept illegal entry into Canada.

The alternative is what’s happening now: Trudeau’s open border policies and virtue-signalling tweets encourage more illegal crossings, and diverts resources from Canadian citizens in need towards those who are not citizens and who violated our border.

Our government must serve our people

Right now, there are at least 3 million Canadians living in poverty. Tens of thousands are homeless. A northern community in Manitoba has the highest child suicide rate on the entire planet. Thousands of Veterans are suffering and not receiving enough support from the government that promised to look after them.

Those are all problems involving Canadian citizens in need. Canadian citizens of all backgrounds, all faiths, all political viewpoints, Canadians who were born here and who came here as legal immigrants or legal refugees, are among those who are suffering at this very moment. They aren’t getting help. They aren’t getting support. They have been abandoned.

And yet, instead of helping them, the Trudeau government encourages people to enter Canada illegally, a total dereliction of their duty to Canadian citizens.

It’s as if the world has been turned upside down, and it has to end.

Regardless of what Trudeau, Hussen, Butts, or any other radical leftists say, we know that the Canadian government has no obligation to illegal border crossers. The only obligation of the Canadian government is to Canadian Citizens, and that must never be forgotten.

Spencer Fernando

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