Canadian Who Legally Immigrated From Haiti Rips Gerald Butts Disgraceful “Alt-Right” Tweet

“It is absurd to portray Canadians, like me, who believe in secure borders as alt-right,” says Bettina Pierre-Gilles.

People continue to push back against Trudeau’s best friend Gerald Butts’ disgraceful attack on Canadians.

Butts had attacked Canadians for wanting border security, insinuating that the majority of people in this country – including Lisa MacLeod who was called “Un-Canadian” by Ahmed Hussen – are somehow “Alt-Right.”

On Twitter, Canadian Bettina Pierre-Gilles – who came to Canada legally from Haiti – ripped Butt’s comment:

“It is absurd to portray Canadians, like me, who believe in secure borders as alt-right. I was originally born in Haiti and became a citizen of Canada by following all the proper steps and procedures.”

Pierre-Gilles – who is running for the UCP nomination in the riding of Calgary -Currie – is 100% correct.

Gerald Butts has either forgotten, or is purposely ignoring the fact that the vast majority of people who immigrated to Canada and became citizens believe in the legal immigration process, and oppose illegal immigration.

After all, the legal process takes a lot of time and effort. Going through that time and effort is a way to show respect for the laws of Canada, and is about joining the Canadian family the right way.

By contrast, illegal border crossings show disrespect for Canada, and opposing illegal border crossings is about ensuring that our border and laws are respected.

As I’ve said many times before, Canadians are a welcoming people, but that welcome has to be on our terms, and through the legal process. The vast majority of Canada Citizens, whether we were born in Canada or immigrated here, stand together against those like Trudeau, Butts, and Hussen who want to divide our country and tear Canada apart.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Norbert Kausen

It is high time to force the disgraceful liberals out of caucus, dissolve the reprehensible liberal government out, demand Trudeau’s resignation! Enough is enough!!!


times ten!

Ralph Knapp

I hope Butts keeps up his “good” work for the Boy. It should assure a PC win in the next election.




I would enjoy some blogger to keep a running track of Butt’s pearls of wisdom. It would remind us next election of the condescension and mean spiritness of these incompetents.

Ron Voss

Alt-Right is a pejorative term invented by the left without any definition as to what the term means. Butts has helped in that regard by defining anybody who believes in secure borders, opposes illegal immigration and wants our borders and laws respected as “alt-right”. As someone else posted, the correct term is “all right” seriously normal people who respect law and order.


Thank you Bettina, Canada does welcome people that are for Canada, and want it to have secure boarders and fair strong law abiding citizens and unity. Best wishes on your endeavors, take out those dividing Canada, no more Lieberal/NDP’s!

Elizabeth Thorne

Can we survive another year with these dumb ass clowns? The Liberal’s divide and conquer garbage is old and tiresome. Rules are NOT made to be broken, and that includes politicians. Geeeez I wish they would all resign and make Canada Great Again.

Duane Sharp

Spencer: Don’t forget to comment on the Federal Government sign erected near the Roxham border crossing…what it says is “it is ILLEGAL to cross the border at this location, etc., etc….”
Irregular immigrants…not a chance, by government definition!

Keep trucking!!

shawn harris

The words of Butts and Trudeau are spoken with all the warmth of true a dictator, that fear the public actually wanting to have freedom , respect and the laws of the land upheld. The shear hypocrisy and patronizing and demeaning attitude, spoken on a regular basis by Trudeau and Butts, shows just how far they are willing to go delegitimize and demonize the average Canadian , all so they can somehow retain power. They mock parliament, parliamentarians, and Canadians, with their far left ideology and reduce the level of respect citizens have for the federal government. Thus showing that… Read more »


Bettina – Thank you for coming to Canada. Coming to this Country your way was long, complicated and frustrating. We hope it is worth it and it can be if we can defeat the damn Liberals.

This country needs more just like you. I wish I still lived in Calgary as you would have my vote and support. Unfortunately I am stuck in an NDP armpit here in BC. Somebody out there has to speak for us alt-rightists.

How about we take the name Deplorables?


Spencer, is there any possibility of enabling “up votes” on this great site. I am sure a lot of people don’t have the time to submit comments, but do agree with them. We can all up or down vote.


Butts has been making an ass out of himself and Trudeau for the last 2 years. Best keep him where he is so he can continue.


Butts, Trudeau, the media and the liberal party are by far THE MOST UN-CANADIAN PEOPLE’ than those who immigrated legally and follows ‘ Canadians laws and who try to be the best citizens of this country and not only that, fight continuously whether in words or in writing for the sake and protection of this country. Legal refugees who fled their beloved homeland to Canada to escape from their government’s persecution and horrendous laws like sharia law, are better citizens than most born here by putting their lives on the line warning their new found home Canada, of the dangers… Read more »

Tommy Hawk

Does this incident indicate there are those who can see through the phony intellect and disparaging comments being made by Butts, among others, at last.

The only answer is: YES.

Rick Churchill

The Traitorous Trio continue their anti-Canadian campaign…

Rick Lonnen

My wife came from Brazil. She visited Canada several times. Then she went back to Brazil, we filled out all of the proper paperwork, paid our monies and she came to Canada LEGALLY.
Bettina Pierre-Gilles. bless you and good luck winning your seat in Calgary


I do not know how we have reached this point in Canadas history where we the people have not only voted these people of damage but continue to allow these people to destroy what was once a country of pride and opportunity. The liberals are extremely ill in their attempt to destroy.