Canadian Who Legally Immigrated From Haiti Rips Gerald Butts Disgraceful “Alt-Right” Tweet

“It is absurd to portray Canadians, like me, who believe in secure borders as alt-right,” says Bettina Pierre-Gilles.

People continue to push back against Trudeau’s best friend Gerald Butts’ disgraceful attack on Canadians.

Butts had attacked Canadians for wanting border security, insinuating that the majority of people in this country – including Lisa MacLeod who was called “Un-Canadian” by Ahmed Hussen – are somehow “Alt-Right.”

On Twitter, Canadian Bettina Pierre-Gilles – who came to Canada legally from Haiti – ripped Butt’s comment:

“It is absurd to portray Canadians, like me, who believe in secure borders as alt-right. I was originally born in Haiti and became a citizen of Canada by following all the proper steps and procedures.”

Pierre-Gilles – who is running for the UCP nomination in the riding of Calgary -Currie – is 100% correct.

Gerald Butts has either forgotten, or is purposely ignoring the fact that the vast majority of people who immigrated to Canada and became citizens believe in the legal immigration process, and oppose illegal immigration.

After all, the legal process takes a lot of time and effort. Going through that time and effort is a way to show respect for the laws of Canada, and is about joining the Canadian family the right way.

By contrast, illegal border crossings show disrespect for Canada, and opposing illegal border crossings is about ensuring that our border and laws are respected.

As I’ve said many times before, Canadians are a welcoming people, but that welcome has to be on our terms, and through the legal process. The vast majority of Canada Citizens, whether we were born in Canada or immigrated here, stand together against those like Trudeau, Butts, and Hussen who want to divide our country and tear Canada apart.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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