CBC Power & Politics Slammed For Bias

Michelle Rempel voices the frustrations of many Canadians tired of being forced to pay for leftist propaganda.

Conservative Immigration Critic Michelle Rempel slammed CBC Power & Politics for bias.

Here’s what Rempel said on Twitter:

“Why I hate doing @PnPCBC – just pretaped a panel where the host gave the liberals double the amount of time on the show, and the opportunity for the last word without any debate or rebuttal.”

“In the final segment, the host let the Lib spew a bunch junk without any fact checking, then closed debate without opportunity to rebut. She made a special point after the opposition segments to say that she’d give an opportunity for the Liberals to respond.”

Many people left comments supporting Rempel’s tweet, especially after CBC Power & Politics tried to spin what happened:


“Unfortunately I expect nothing better from the most expensive Media Canadians can buy .

“The Globalists desperately need to shut down the Patriot movement They are getting thumped all over the world. Don’t expect them to go easy. The majority are against them Trudeau is their number one Patsy”

“All ‘shows’ are this way. Makes you want to believe there is a directive somewhere and script writing how we will present the story of the day. Fairness, journalism and (simple)ethics, don’t belong in the same line as CBC.

“Finally! The @CBCNews needs to be called out at every opportunity, it’s the only way you will ever get anything close to reasonable coverage! Good on you Michelle!”

“Don’t worry it did not go unoticed. I was watching. is either extremely biased or was ordered to behave this way by her bosses. Either way,

“I will vote conservative if you guys promise to

More and more people are getting fed up with being forced to give our taxes to the biased CBC. If you want the CBC defunded, contact your MP at the link below to let them know:


Spencer Fernando

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William Roberts

The CBC is for all intent and purpose an arm of the Liberal Party and the PMO’s office. They know their lives depend on a Liberal Government staying in power and will do all they can to get them re-elected. This was in fact a big mistake the Conservatives made during the last election. When the Conservatives said they were going to cut the CBC ‘s budget they went into full go to get the Libtards elected.

Ron Voss

I for one am fed up with knowing that my taxes to support the biased CBC. However, in May 2017 CPC MP Brad Trost introduced a private member’s bill (C-308) to privatize the CBC. It was soundly defeated on second reading by 260-6 with only 5 Tories supporting his bill, Michelle Rempel not being among them!


Search this title on YouTube:

The Truth About Canada
by: Mel Hurtig


That is real Lieberal propaganda, from 2008 when lieberal/NDP party was demonizing the RT. Hon. Stephen Harper, it is “the lies the Lieberals/NDP tell in their owned media” no truth at all typical of the Lieberals. Conrad Black sold out and left our Lieberal Canada 20 years ahead of this and owned no media here but yes he did warn us about how corrupt our politics were. Our media is mostly owned by Quebec companies and is very Liberal, the US media is now mostly Liberal slanted as well, they still have some truthful news.

Tarun M Dattani

Unfortunately none of the conservative politicians in this country have the guts to take on the CBC which should be funded the way PBS is in the US .Then let the friends of CBC foot the bill.

Ray Decorby

The last gov’t’s mistake was to only wounding the CBC with the 10% cut to their funding. Big mistake, that only strengthened their resolve, and Trudeau emboldened them with his promise for a 1/2 a billion increase, if elected. How many times did we hear Duffy, Duffy, Duffy; until the election was over and the story died. The examples of bias are numerous, daily… Try mentioning Gerald Butts in the online comments and you will quickly discover, with a disabled comment, who calls the shots at CBC. CBC’s SJW/Liberal views continue to shape Canadians with their boutique vision of Canada;… Read more »

Eric Blair

So just how many people actually watch or listen to the CBC’s various outlets? According to Ezra Levant of the Rebel Media, the ratings are kept secret. Surely the advertisers must ask how many viewers there are for a timeslot they are paying for. It would be a great exercise to dig up this info and broadcast it to everyone (pun intended). I watch the CBC only for the hockey as most Canadians do and see ads during the hockey for other CBC shows tells me that nobody is watching these other shows hence the need to advertise. Why not… Read more »

Chris vrecko

Exactly William. Before the last election we like every Canadian listened to all re: issues etc. By voting day I was so angry we watched results and have not gone on Canadian TV channels since. I talk to my mother in law out of province Vancouver Is. & she doesn’t have a clue what’s happening. She asks why this and that have NOT been reported. She watches news morning noon and night. Now she asks so what wasn’t reported today.

Scott Perron

If we defund the CBC, where can I watch their last hit show “The Beachcombers” ?


CBC is not fare when hiring actors either. The pay was always 20 less when working for CBC


I was one of about 1,500 people in the audience of an all-candidates meeting in downtown Calgary when Rempel made her first run at becoming a Conservative MP about 8 years ago. She had refused to attend all other all-candidates meeting, which was not uncommon among Tories in Alberta; why? They barely had to campaign at all. Securing the PC nomination was the hard part; getting elected was almost a given. During that all-candidates meeting Rempel had nothing of substance to offer and the audience knew it. She was booed on several occasions for her lifeless Tory talking points. I… Read more »