CBC Power & Politics Slammed For Bias

Michelle Rempel voices the frustrations of many Canadians tired of being forced to pay for leftist propaganda.

Conservative Immigration Critic Michelle Rempel slammed CBC Power & Politics for bias.

Here’s what Rempel said on Twitter:

“Why I hate doing @PnPCBC – just pretaped a panel where the host gave the liberals double the amount of time on the show, and the opportunity for the last word without any debate or rebuttal.”

“In the final segment, the host let the Lib spew a bunch junk without any fact checking, then closed debate without opportunity to rebut. She made a special point after the opposition segments to say that she’d give an opportunity for the Liberals to respond.”

Many people left comments supporting Rempel’s tweet, especially after CBC Power & Politics tried to spin what happened:


“Unfortunately I expect nothing better from the most expensive Media Canadians can buy .

“The Globalists desperately need to shut down the Patriot movement They are getting thumped all over the world. Don’t expect them to go easy. The majority are against them Trudeau is their number one Patsy”

“All ‘shows’ are this way. Makes you want to believe there is a directive somewhere and script writing how we will present the story of the day. Fairness, journalism and (simple)ethics, don’t belong in the same line as CBC.

“Finally! The @CBCNews needs to be called out at every opportunity, it’s the only way you will ever get anything close to reasonable coverage! Good on you Michelle!”

“Don’t worry it did not go unoticed. I was watching. is either extremely biased or was ordered to behave this way by her bosses. Either way,

“I will vote conservative if you guys promise to

More and more people are getting fed up with being forced to give our taxes to the biased CBC. If you want the CBC defunded, contact your MP at the link below to let them know:


Spencer Fernando