US Argues Tariffs By Canada, Mexico & Other Nations Violate WTO Rules

Action is in response to retaliatory tariffs by Canada, Mexico, the EU, China, and Turkey.

The US is claiming that retaliatory tariffs launched by Canada and other nations in response to US steel & aluminum tariffs violate WTO rules.

Here’s what US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer said in a statement:

“The actions taken by [U.S. President Trump] are wholly legitimate and fully justified as a matter of U.S. law and international trade rules. Instead of working with us to address a common problem, some of our trading partners have elected to respond with retaliatory tariffs designed to punish American workers, farmers and companies. The United States will take all necessary actions to protect our interests, and we urge our trading partners to work constructively with us on the problems created by massive and persistent excess capacity in the steel and aluminum sectors.”

The retaliatory tariffs in question were launched by Canada and other nations in response to the US imposing tariffs on imported steel and aluminum. The US has argued that imports of steel and aluminum weaken their domestic capacity, which is seen as a national security weakness. Canada and other countries responded by saying the US tariffs were illegal, and responded with retaliatory measures.

Clearly, trade tensions are not going away anytime soon.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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A.A. Burley

The tariifs are in retaliation for trudeau’s refusal to sign Point Of Origin agreement. When trudeau okayed the signing of the document was the evening of the last day the US said it needed the agreement signed. trudeau acted like a child and allowed the signing after regular business hours.
If this agreement had been signed in a timely manner, businesses and workers in Canada would not be moving or facing unemployment.
This is all trudeau, again.


Ha, A. A. Burley, Thank you. Trudeau and his Lieberals and fake media do not want Canadians to know that, Canada’s policies are so negative and divisive in Canada and out. you said it right.
That Andrew Schere supported the Lieberals, upset me.


Why is our government, all parties, not willing to be fair with our biggest trading partner? What are they hiding?


They hide the manipulation, the graft, the corruption and greed that comes with being the reserve currency. Other countries need the US dollar to purchase what they need. The only way to get them is to run a trade surplus with the US. What we are really witnessing is the destruction of the US dollar to usher in the Special Drawing Right. That is the big secret. You have to ask yourself, are you feeling special? When questioning the why’s and wherefore’s it is best to follow the money and look for the ever present corruption. That usually clears the… Read more »