TOUGH: Ford Rips NDP As “Police-Haters, Military-Haters, Veteran-Haters, Poppy-Haters…”

Unlike past conservative politicians, Ford is willing to fight back against the radical leftists.

With the radical-left Horwath NDP trying to play divisive political games in Ontario, Premier Doug Ford is fighting back.

During Question Period, Horwath attacked the PC government on carding, sex-ed, and other issues.

Ford didn’t hold back in his response:

“We support our police, unlike the Leader of the Opposition and unlike their party that are police-haters, military-haters, veteran-haters, poppy-haters and—,” at which point the speaker cut him off for using ‘unparliamentary language.’

While Ford’s language may have been tough, that’s what people are looking for. Ford won’t sit back and let leftist attacks go unanswered, and he is right to call out the NDP for their extremist radical left candidates and MPPs.

Ford also ripped into NDP MPP Gurratan Singh:

“We didn’t have any MPP, unlike the member from Brampton East who walked around, running up and down the streets, with a sign that says ‘eff the police’—that is disgusting, absolutely disgusting.” 

Yet, rather than address the problem of her party’s radical extremist candidates, Horwath tried scolding Ford for his language:

“Mr. Ford behaves very, very badly and I’m certainly going to give him back what he gives me, that’s something I’m prepared to do. I’m not going to be bullied by this bully frankly.”

Of course, telling the truth isn’t ‘bullying,’ it’s calling it like it is.

The NDP was totally unfit for government due to their radical socialist ideology, and many of their candidates were indeed haters of Veterans, Police, the Military, and the Remembrance Day Poppy. Ford should keep telling it like it is and standing up against the dangerous radicals.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Ralph Knapp

I’m thinking Ms Horvath is going to have a tough time in the Legislature with Ford. She will know that Ford is not “politically correct” and will respond directly with nouns and verbs. It should be a fun session to watch.


It’s about time that all things start to get real,.. Way to go ‘Doug’.

shawn harris

Doug Ford and the PCs are the wake up tonic that Ontario has been waiting for. The socialists and extreme leftists never like being exposed by the truth and having their real agenda laid bare for all to see. Apparently Andrea Horwath has a very real and large problem in knowing just what the truth is and with confusing the telling of the truth to that of being a bully. True to form, all socialist like Horwath, are quick to point out the faults, lies and injustices, except they themselves won’t accept any responsibility for their own faults, lies and… Read more »


Thank GOD for Doug Ford Hillary Horvath is Brutal. I live in her riding. I would NEVER vote NDP…LIB. EVER!


About time somebody is stepping up and telling the truth against these radical left hate mongers!


Hey Horwath, if you can’t deal with truth and honesty , take your luggage and get out the politics stuff . Right now your are like the turd blocking the flush of the pass to give place for the new .


For doing the things the people of Ontario wanted and need, Doug Ford being a decent and honest and hard working for Ontario, really democratic and working for us, the people of Ontario, to get us back working and prosperous, straightening out our huge mess and debt from the Lieberal/NDP taxes and excessive money spending and bigger destructive debt, encouraging radical divisive hate groups, that yes, they hate other groups and bullying agendas, what else could you call it disruptive? no not strong enough, disliking? really not strong enough, these disruptive radical divisive groups, hate that is the only word… Read more »


About time the socialist left who are dangerously close to being declared insane are faced with truths and not allowed to spew this false narrative without good people pushing back. Ford will be criticized but it will come the crazed minorities.

Ken evans

Still Ford’s first big test failed. He should have held the line about the sex ed curriculum but his minister panicked allowing hard left their first victory with the minister promising to include many of the items Ontarians found objectionable. He better get his “stuff” together or tje left and their media will tear him to shreds. I am not comforted by his first moderately difficult test.


Looks like most common sense people are waking up. One at a time.
Premier Ford is a bit unusual to many because he is a politician who says what most people are thinking and want to say but are to scared to say it. And the loud left hate it.
Save Canada. Boot these socialists to the curb.


So many now on the Ford side but where were you all for the last 15 years of lib rule??? How many voted for the libs & their feel good promises that they continually lied about?


Mr. Ford is the right man for the job! Straightforward and honest! Ontario has been drained of honesty and transparency for too long. Welcome Mr. Ford and we hope you stay for a loooong time! God bless you!

Tommy Hawk

Ford is clearly demonstrating his loyalties to, not only Canada but to those who elected him to office and that, in and of itself is a rare but hopeful sign in our political scene — and refreshing as well.

Tommy Hawk

Refreshing, true, well needed and rare — at least in the past many years in our political scene — perhaps there is a light at the end of a very long tunnel — eh?

Alyn Starkman

We need to clone Doug Ford and send him to Ottawa.

gayle seaton

Way to go Doug…