TOUGH: Ford Rips NDP As “Police-Haters, Military-Haters, Veteran-Haters, Poppy-Haters…”

Unlike past conservative politicians, Ford is willing to fight back against the radical leftists.

With the radical-left Horwath NDP trying to play divisive political games in Ontario, Premier Doug Ford is fighting back.

During Question Period, Horwath attacked the PC government on carding, sex-ed, and other issues.

Ford didn’t hold back in his response:

“We support our police, unlike the Leader of the Opposition and unlike their party that are police-haters, military-haters, veteran-haters, poppy-haters and—,” at which point the speaker cut him off for using ‘unparliamentary language.’

While Ford’s language may have been tough, that’s what people are looking for. Ford won’t sit back and let leftist attacks go unanswered, and he is right to call out the NDP for their extremist radical left candidates and MPPs.

Ford also ripped into NDP MPP Gurratan Singh:

“We didn’t have any MPP, unlike the member from Brampton East who walked around, running up and down the streets, with a sign that says ‘eff the police’—that is disgusting, absolutely disgusting.” 

Yet, rather than address the problem of her party’s radical extremist candidates, Horwath tried scolding Ford for his language:

“Mr. Ford behaves very, very badly and I’m certainly going to give him back what he gives me, that’s something I’m prepared to do. I’m not going to be bullied by this bully frankly.”

Of course, telling the truth isn’t ‘bullying,’ it’s calling it like it is.

The NDP was totally unfit for government due to their radical socialist ideology, and many of their candidates were indeed haters of Veterans, Police, the Military, and the Remembrance Day Poppy. Ford should keep telling it like it is and standing up against the dangerous radicals.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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