PARIS ACCORD FAIL: In 2017, CO2 Emissions Fell In The US, While Surging Nearly 20 MILLION Tons In Canada

An epic failure for the Paris Accord and Trudeau’s destructive policies.

A chart recently shared by the American Enterprise Institute based upon information from the BP Statistical Review of World Energy June 2018, reveals the epic failure of the virtue-signalling Paris Accord.

Almost all nations in the world signed onto the accord, which allows big emitters like China to keep increasing emissions for decades while demanding huge restrictions on Western economies.

Notably, the US recently pulled out of the Accord under President Donald Trump.

That move was widely condemned by the elites, but it turns out that condemnation was simply cover for how badly the Paris Accord is failing.

As you can see in the chart below, the United States had the largest reduction in CO2 emissions in the world, while other countries who signed the Paris Accord – including Canada – saw huge increases.

2017 CO2 Emissions

Not only does this show how pathetically the Paris Accord has failed, it shows how terrible Justin Trudeau’s ‘climate’ policies are.

Trudeau’s increased regulations and the carbon tax are pushing jobs and investment out of Canada and into the United States, while ripping money out of the pockets of taxpayers. And yet, the US is reducing emissions without a carbon tax and while reducing regulations.

That’s because the only effective way to reduce emissions is through innovation. Innovation makes it possible to reduce emissions while also saving people money. With fewer regulations and an attitude of technological experimentation, the US is reducing emissions while also growing their economy and attracting investment.

And this shows us the truth about Justin Trudeau’s ‘climate’ plan and the Paris Accord: It’s not actually about the environment. It’s about taking money away from taxpayers and concentrating it in the hands of elites, who seek to consolidate power and dictate what our economic decisions can be.

Carbon taxes, increased regulations, and the Paris Accord are all dangerous scams, and should be opposed by all of us who want to see real innovation and prosperity for our country.

Spencer Fernando

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