The Trudeau-Hussen Open Borders Scheme Is An Attack On Canadian Taxpayers & Those Who Came Here Legally

Under Trudeau & Hussen, if you follow the rules you get punished, if you break the rules you get rewarded.

The political strategy being employed by the Trudeau Liberals is clear: Keep our borders open and refuse to enforce our laws, while demonizing anyone who demands border security.

Ahmed Hussen calling Lisa MacLeod “Un-Canadian,” and Gerald Butts calling Canadians “alt-right” for wanting border enforcement is just the beginning.

We can expect the demonization to ramp up, and a big reason for that is because the Trudeau Liberals are terrified of people seeing the truth: The open borders policy being pushed by Trudeau, Hussen, and Butts is an attack on Canadian taxpayers and everyone who came to Canada legally.

When it comes to taxpayers, our services are already being overburdened in much of the country. Shelter services that are supposed to be for Canadian citizens are being pushed to the breaking point, and the influx of illegal border crossers is adding to the strain on healthcare, education, and other services taxpayers are counting on.

The cost is already in the hundreds of millions, and will certainly reach billions of dollars so long as our borders are left wide open. This means taxpayers will end up paying more, while getting less.

Open borders are also an attack on those who came to Canada the right way. Many people spent years waiting for refugee claims to be processed, and many had to go through a tough process to even get the chance to come to Canada. Many people who are now Canadian citizens put in a decade of effort to join the Canadian family, and that effort has greatly enriched our country.

Now, they’re watching the Trudeau government allow people to enter Canada illegally, and skip the entire process. And worse, those who cross illegally are getting the rewards of government funded housing, work permits, welfare payments, use of the healthcare & education system, all things that those who came here legally had to work very hard to access.

This truth, that the Trudeau-Hussen-Butts open borders policy is an attack on taxpayers and those who came here legally is something that must be shared with all Canadians. The elitist media won’t say it. Trudeau and his cronies are desperately demonizing people to distract from it. So that means it’s up to us Patriotic Canadians who see through the lies to get the truth out, and show why open borders are so damaging to the country we love.

Spencer Fernando

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