WATCH: Ontario Environment Minister Says “No Carbon Taxes Now, No Carbon Taxes Ever!”

The Ford government continues to stand up for taxpayers.

While the Trudeau Liberals keep ripping money out of the pockets of taxpayers and devastating Canada’s ability to compete economically, the Ford government is making it clear that they will stand up for taxpayers.

In the video below, watch Ontario Environment Minister Rod Phillips make it clear that there won’t be a carbon tax in the province:

Phillips left no doubt that the Ford government will fight any effort by Trudeau to force the carbon tax on Ontario.

He also made clear that, unlike the NDP “carbon tax crusaders,” the Ontario PC government will “stand with the People.”

The contrast between the Trudeau government and the Ford government is growing by the day. When people made clear that they opposed the carbon tax, the Trudeau Liberals refused to listen. But Ford has listened, and his government is definitively on the side of those who put them into office.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube