When Catherine McKenna Says “Climate Action” She’s Really Talking About Huge Tax Increases

In Canada, taxes are up while emissions are up. In the US, taxes and emissions are both going down.

As I reported earlier, Canada’s emissions surged by nearly 20 million tons in 2017. While that’s not a bad thing (considering Canada is a cold weather country and heating is expensive for a growing population) it is a total rebuke to the Trudeau government’s virtue-signalling since they claimed the opposite was supposed to happen.

Even more ironic, is that in the United States (which the left loves to condemn as some reincarnation of the soot-filled skies of the industrial revolution), emissions are down.

So, the US cut taxes and encouraged innovation, and emissions there went down, while the Trudeau government massively expanded job killing regulations and forced the carbon tax on us, and emissions went up.

It’s a pathetic indictment of Trudeau’s ‘environmental’ policies, and it would be hilarious if it wasn’t so damaging to Canada.

Yet, the Trudeau government shows no sign of reversing course, and they’re still using the same deceptive weasel-words to hide their true agenda (concentrating our tax dollars in the hands of the elites and taking away our economic freedom).

Just take a look at Catherine McKenna’s latest attack on leaders who actually listen to their constituents and are opposing the carbon tax:

“Unfortunately in Canada too many Conservative politicians don’t support climate action.

They don’t understand the very real economic & human cost of inaction and the trillion dollar growth & job opportunity.

And what about leaving a sustainable planet for our kids & grandkids?”


Conservative MP Erin O’Toole pushed back perfectly, revealing what’s really going on:

“By “climate action” she means raising taxes. That is the Liberal go-to move.”

We’ve now seen the facts. We know the carbon tax is all about taking away our money, not doing anything for the environment. “Climate Action” means higher taxes, enriching the political elites at our expense. It’s time to call out this deception every time the Liberals try pushing it, and make clear that their lies won’t go unanswered.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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When I read that 30 year of pollution in Canada equals 1 week of pollution in China. I really dont understand why they dont leave us alone with this crap. They should get their friend the UN to put pressure on China about climate change instead of accusing Israel, the good of fabricated sins.


Trillion dollar growth and job opportunity? The only thing that “Grows’ is government coffers with their carbon taxes. And those taxes disproportionately hurt lower and middle income people.

And we are still being gouged in Victoria, gas is about 1.51 a litre here.


When one uses the term sustainability it outs them as a proponent of UN Agenda 2021/2031. Sustainability is their code word. If you do not fear this agenda then you have no regard, period, as this agenda is a lion wearing sheeps clothing. I wonder how many Canadians know the definition of democide. This agenda is all about reserving the planet for the elite, not you. You must remember that disarmament of the populace has always, ALWAYS, led to democide. The UN can put lipstick on a pig, but it is still a pig. Do not be deceived. Climate could… Read more »

Ralph Knapp

If McKenna can show me documented proof of a climate tax implemented anywhere in the world that has reduced CO2 in the atmosphere, she should show the documents ASAP or resign her position immediately.

On Feb 13, 2018: The judge dismissed all charges in the lawsuit brought against Dr Tim Ball by BC Green Party leader Andrew Weaver. It is a great victory for free speech.
‘The Deliberate Corruption of Climate Science’.
Tim’s website is
“Human Caused Global Warming”, ‘The Biggest Deception in History’.

shawn harris

The Trudeau Liberals still haven’t learned the lessons of history, that those who fail to learn from them are doomed to repeat the same mistakes. They just have to look at what happened here in Ontario, under the disastrous leadership of Queen Kathleen, who tried to over tax and over spend , all in the name of protecting the environment. We wound up with the world’s largest sub-sovereign debt load , a destroyed economy and electricity that no one can afford, along with not changing the environment one bit. Yet, Trudeau and his minions think that somehow if they just… Read more »


Back to Mr. Harper, he warned us this would happen, so here we are just figuring it out again, it is for the one world order, the greedy rich utopia for them, not us, and once we have nothing left to support their way of high rolling, we will no longer be needed, like Venezuela, and many other places over time, Russia, China – these countries are still climbing out of socialism as Putin put it. Putin said Russia is becoming democratic, but millions dyed in the old days with socialism, it will take more many years to fix Russia,… Read more »

Ron Werner

I don’t mind being taxed IF I’m given some way of reducing my tax OR if I know that its actually doing something. I’ve never seen a govt yet in my 30yrs of being aware of govt, ie since I had to start paying taxes, where govt wasted A LOT of money. Give me a way to reduce the amount of gas I use OTHER THAN the lame option of not driving or having to purchase and electric car. How about something like Gadgetman Groove which might take my 20mpg/10L/100km car to 40mpg and 5L/100km?! How about the car manufacturers… Read more »


Exactly Ron, imagine this. It is early morning, 30 below zero, just had a 35 cm snowfall overnight. You look to your driveway and see your 4X4 diesel parked beside your wifes Tesla 3. Which one are you going to brush the snow off of? Before the carbon tax the decision was a simple one. But now somehow the snowmobile has entered the equation. And of course there is still the option of the “Bennett Buggy”. But with these policies we had best not forget snow shoes when making this decision. It is called progress Ron. Not to be confused… Read more »


With a little training in physics instead of social justice maybe she would understand that it is the Sun that drives our climate. Maybe a natural organism that converts carbon dioxide to oxygen would help here. Charging a carbon tax and pocketing the gains instead of planting a tree shows the hypocrisy that is social justice. But the real danger is an environment minister that promotes a carbon tax while ignoring the Fukushima sizzle. Her risk assessments are in question. There are her predictions and then there are for sure predictions. We need a government imbued with reality not with… Read more »