HYPOCRISY: If There’s No Illegal Border Crossing Problem, Why Did Trudeau Appoint A “Border Security” Minister?

The Trudeau government is trying to have it both ways, by appointing a “border security” minister while demonizing Canadians who want a secure border.

As we’ve seen, the Trudeau government has been demonizing Canadians who want a secure border. Gerald Butts called us “alt-right.” Ahmed Hussen called Lisa MacLeod “Un-Canadian.”

The Trudeau Liberals have done everything possible to normalize illegal border crossings, and make it seem like there’s no problem at all.

So, it’s quite hypocritical to see the Trudeau government appoint former Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair as the ‘minister of border security and organized crime reduction.’

After all, if there’s no problem, what’s up with the new cabinet position?

People have pointed out the hypocrisy on Twitter:

“Hi , why do we need a Minister of Border Security? You told us just 3 days ago that our borders are secure and that was “irresponsible” to suggest otherwise. But good on you not to notice that .”

“Seriously , you are a shameless race baiter and unfit for public office. You knew about creating this cabinet position when you tweeted this 3 days ago. Shame on you. Resign, you cretinous hypocrite.”

“Linking border security & organized crime together is most telling. While gov’t won’t admit it, border mismanagement has brought us to the point where gov’t are now forced to deal with handgun smuggling at Akwesasne, MS13 & other criminal gangs, terrorists, & human traffickers.”

The hypocrisy of the Trudeau government is disgusting, and it shows that everything they say is about their own selfish political advantage, rather than helping our country.

Trudeau, Butts, Hussen, Blair, and all the other cronies are willing to tear our nation apart, fear-monger, and divide Canadians, just to try and score a few votes.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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