LEADERSHIP: Ford Government Minister Rod Phillips Tells McKenna “Ontario Will Never Accept The Trudeau Carbon Tax”

The Ontario government is standing up for taxpayers while McKenna and Trudeau try to screw them over.

In the first meeting between Ontario Environment Minister Rod Phillips and Trudeau Environment Minister Catherine McKenna, the Ford government made it clear that they won’t bow down to McKenna’s widely-hated effort to impose the destructive carbon tax.

On Twitter, Phillips said “I made it clear in my meeting this morning with @cathmckenna that Ontario will never accept the Trudeau Carbon Tax.”

The expression on McKenna’s face makes it clear Phillips wasn’t buying the bullshit she and the Trudeau government are trying to spread.

The great Tweet from Queen Paola summed it up well:

“Shit. He sounds legit. If I can’t get them to steal this money from their taxpayers, the next budget numbers are going to be the death of us. It’ll make Wynne’s shortfall look like petty-cash.”


Phillips also made clear that he tried to discuss the issue with McKenna, but she refused to consider any approach other than Trudeau’s carbon tax:

“I was hoping that she would be open to discussion, to listening to our plans around climate change, and of course our intention to get rid of the carbon tax. I was disappointed. The minister was not open to that discussion, and unfortunately made it clear that only the Trudeau carbon tax solution is the solution that government is going to be interested in.”

In response, McKenna doubled-down on the same discredited messaging the Liberals have been pushing this entire time:

“I’m disappointed to see the new government in Ontario has no plan to help families, schools and businesses reduce emissions, save money and create good jobs. Climate change doesn’t stop with a change in government.”

Of course, as I noted recently, what McKenna and Trudeau really mean when they talk about the ‘climate’ is huge tax increases. McKenna’s real disappointment is that Ontario finally has a government willing to stand up for taxpayers, instead of letting them get screwed over.

Phillips and the Ford government are showing true leadership, and all Canadians should stand with them in their fight against McKenna, Trudeau, and everyone who wants to take our money from us.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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