LEADERSHIP: Ford Government Minister Rod Phillips Tells McKenna “Ontario Will Never Accept The Trudeau Carbon Tax”

The Ontario government is standing up for taxpayers while McKenna and Trudeau try to screw them over.

In the first meeting between Ontario Environment Minister Rod Phillips and Trudeau Environment Minister Catherine McKenna, the Ford government made it clear that they won’t bow down to McKenna’s widely-hated effort to impose the destructive carbon tax.

On Twitter, Phillips said “I made it clear in my meeting this morning with @cathmckenna that Ontario will never accept the Trudeau Carbon Tax.”

The expression on McKenna’s face makes it clear Phillips wasn’t buying the bullshit she and the Trudeau government are trying to spread.

The great Tweet from Queen Paola summed it up well:

“Shit. He sounds legit. If I can’t get them to steal this money from their taxpayers, the next budget numbers are going to be the death of us. It’ll make Wynne’s shortfall look like petty-cash.”


Phillips also made clear that he tried to discuss the issue with McKenna, but she refused to consider any approach other than Trudeau’s carbon tax:

“I was hoping that she would be open to discussion, to listening to our plans around climate change, and of course our intention to get rid of the carbon tax. I was disappointed. The minister was not open to that discussion, and unfortunately made it clear that only the Trudeau carbon tax solution is the solution that government is going to be interested in.”

In response, McKenna doubled-down on the same discredited messaging the Liberals have been pushing this entire time:

“I’m disappointed to see the new government in Ontario has no plan to help families, schools and businesses reduce emissions, save money and create good jobs. Climate change doesn’t stop with a change in government.”

Of course, as I noted recently, what McKenna and Trudeau really mean when they talk about the ‘climate’ is huge tax increases. McKenna’s real disappointment is that Ontario finally has a government willing to stand up for taxpayers, instead of letting them get screwed over.

Phillips and the Ford government are showing true leadership, and all Canadians should stand with them in their fight against McKenna, Trudeau, and everyone who wants to take our money from us.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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We are standing behind Ford and Phillips. What is McKenna talking about? Since they have introduced the green projects, all jobs created were entirely subsidized by taxpayers and all green businesses are in the red. So what jobs and prosperity are they talking about?


climate barbie cannot understand that good will will replace $$$$$ anytime if you send the right message….out u go

Norbert Kausen

EXACTLY… NO Ontarian will accept Trudeau’s reprehensible carbon tax! If we must, we should also secede from confederation just like Alberta and Saskatchewan are threatening to do and Quebec had threatened to do! Lets hold a referendum.

Moe S.

McKenna, her face shows such disappointment. She just doesn’t get it. Ontarians just ended 15 years of Prov. Liberal ideology gov’t green initiatives which were a total disaster. Ontarians will NOT be taken to the cleaners again. Every Ontario man, woman, child and newborn owes an annual $21,000 dollars each towards paying off the $317 BILLION dollar debt Wynne and her merry band of robbers left behind. Ontarians are in no mood for the Trudeau govt’s climate ideologies taking over common sense. Trying to bait Ontarians with the promise of “saving money and good jobs.” It ain’t going to work.… Read more »

Tommy Hawk

Well, so far Ford has lived up to his position as laid out during the campaign — and that, in and of itself is a breath of fresh air — if one can use that term. McKenna, left to her own might well have a hissy fit now and for certain Trudeau will demonstrate that ‘he’ is not going to take such effrontery quietly. We need more public demonstrations of true leadership in our politics and we sure do not get any at the federal level — now faced with resistance, Trudeau will start to threaten and threaten to see… Read more »


I have an idea! With all of the BS CO2 being emitted from the mouths of the Kokanee Groper and Climate Barbie, they can tax themselves and save Canada. All kidding aside, this Canadian is already proud of the accomplishments made by the Ford government, particularly in not rolling over under the pressure of the federal bullies.

Connie Cattle

Considering that is the poverty threshold 21,000 and there are thousands living well below that income level. So how does the debt get paid back that they incurred? I know take that 317, billion and divide it among every registered liberal voter and all the liberal politicians for the last 15 years. Including the PM. Extend them the time to pay it all back like oh 30 years like a mortgage and Charging them prime plus two percent per year till it is all paid back. They would think twice about their extreme spending. With the threat that any future… Read more »


Reduce emissions ? Save money ? Get your resume ready for 2019 Barbie !