Most Trudeau Cabinet Chumps Remain In Place After Shuffle

Big name failures like McKenna, Hussen, and Morneau stay in their spots.

Trudeau’s heavily-hyped cabinet shuffle turned out to be fairly minor, with a few smaller roles being shifted and some politically-motivated positions created while key Cabinet Chumps remained in their roles.

Catherine McKenna remains the environment minister forcing the hated carbon tax on unwilling provinces.

Ahmed Hussen remains the immigration minister, though the government is trying to pass off the illegal border crossing crisis onto former Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair – now the ‘minister of border security and organized crime reduction.’

And Bill Morneau stays on as finance minister, despite the broken promise on the budget deficit, hiding details on what the carbon tax will cost Canadian families, and repeated ethics concerns.

Others like Chrystia Freeland and Ralph Goodale also remain in their roles.

Here are the cabinet changes that were made:

Jonathan Wilkinson is the minister of fisheries, oceans, and the coast guard, replacing Dominic LeBlanc who has moved from fisheries and oceans to intergovernmental affairs, northern affairs, and internal trade.

Filomena Tassi is the minister for seniors.

Amarjeet Sohi changes from being infrastructure minister to natural resources minister, while Jim Carr goes from natural resources minister to the new international trade diversification minister.

Carla Qualtrough has ‘accessibility’ added to her current role of minister of public services and procurement.

Melanie Joly moves from heritage minister to minister of tourism, official languages, and la francophonie.

Pablo Rodriguez is the minister of heritage and multiculturalism.

Mary Ng is the minister for small business and export promotion.

Francois-Philippe Champagne changes from international trade minister to infrastructure and communities.

Trudeau made comments after the cabinet shuffle:

With most of the Trudeau Cabinet Chumps remaining in place, there’s little reason to expect anything to change. While putting Bill Blair in the position of Border Security minister is a clever political move (since it gives the false appearance that the problem is being dealt with), the cabinet shuffle doesn’t change the fact that this government will keep serving international interests and the elites instead of serving Canadians.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Elizabeth Thorne

Joly to tourism—lol lol geeez where I live there has always been a large number of American tourists–NOT this year–the divide and destroy Liberal team have done a good job.


How much longer will Canadians have to listen to this boy child spin — sigh

Dave Bainard

What no minister of cultural events like Ramadum or summer BBQs? Minister of Canadian Thinking (Thought police)?

Norbert Kausen

THAT was a given! Trudeau can’t even bamboozle Canadians effectively… he is an utter failure through and through!!! The Clown Prince of Mediocrity!


Ow by the time each of these new Minister portfolios is staffed with everyone, the job numbers will be looking great. I can just see the election ads stating the Liberals have created so many jobs and economy is looking so good – look how great we are! Just like the last report that showed how he was growing the economy. I guess he forgot the 90 plus jobs included in his count that Skip the Dishes head office out west hired 90 people from Brazil to program or code the application . It’s so sad not one person in… Read more »

Eric Blair

A ministry with “Organized Crime Reduction” in its title sounds like Canada is now a country somewhat like Mexico where cartels are a real problem in that they kill over hundreds of politicians in a year amongst other crimes. What is this telling the world about Canada? What is it saying to the world about Trudeau?
The older white guy, Bill Blair, is given the job of cleaning up after Hussen (who was taking orders from Trudeau and Butts, or course). If Blair had any sense he could see that he is being used and he should cross the floor.