REPORT: Trump May Sign Bilateral Trade Deal With Mexico As Talks With Canada Stagnate

When Trump first brought up renegotiating NAFTA, he was saying that Mexico was the problem and things with Canada were basically fine. If the US signs a deal with Mexico before Canada, it would mark a total reversal of fortune for the two countries.

There’s more potential bad news for Canada when it comes to our trade relationship with the United States.

According to Bloomberg News, “President Donald Trump said he may prioritize a bilateral trade deal with Mexico over Canada and that he’s building a good rapport with Mexican President-elect Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.”

That would amount to a total reversal of fortune for Canada and Mexico. When Trump was campaigning for President, and when he first took office, most of his ire was focused on the US trade relationship with Mexico, while there wasn’t much concern about Canada considering the relatively balanced trade between our two countries.

But in recent months, the relationship between Trudeau & Trump has broken down, while the Trump Administration has had seemingly positive talks with Mexico.

If it truly unfolds that the US and Mexico sign a deal while Canada doesn’t sign one, it would mark one of the most historic trade reversals seen in modern times. It would also raise serious doubts about the Trudeau government’s trade approach that has often focused on virtue-signalling above actual issues.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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That would be a blow to JT; given the US has serious issues with Mexico, the fact they scored a deal (and that Mexico is willing to ditch Canada despite all the solidarity talk) while Canada is sidelined indicates serious problems with our negotiating team.

Dave Bainard

That would fly right over Jr. He’s still sorting out his ‘deal with Trump’ panties.


It looks just like a smart business move, leave the unsuspecting Justin, who thought he could bring Trump around by not being ‘bullied’ and refusing to negotiate unless his terms were met holding the bag in the end. He’s showing the world he does not negotiate and thinks he is a tough guy. What say you now Trudeau when your Mexican ally kind of threw you under the bus as far as the support you were counting on? News flash……you didn’t shuffle that cabinet good enough. But hope you keep up the good work til election day……good for the country… Read more »

steve richards

I have been saying this for a long time that we should have thrown Mexico under the bus months ago and signed a side deal with the US directly. They liked us, Mexico was the problem with the border , etc. etc.. It was a win win for Trudy and his Liberals but they are all too stunned to figure it out. Now a new alt left wing guy wins the election who gives two you know whats about Canada and guess what. Were they not briefed about this happening? He wants to look like a hero to the workers… Read more »