REPORT: Trump May Sign Bilateral Trade Deal With Mexico As Talks With Canada Stagnate

When Trump first brought up renegotiating NAFTA, he was saying that Mexico was the problem and things with Canada were basically fine. If the US signs a deal with Mexico before Canada, it would mark a total reversal of fortune for the two countries.

There’s more potential bad news for Canada when it comes to our trade relationship with the United States.

According to Bloomberg News, “President Donald Trump said he may prioritize a bilateral trade deal with Mexico over Canada and that he’s building a good rapport with Mexican President-elect Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.”

That would amount to a total reversal of fortune for Canada and Mexico. When Trump was campaigning for President, and when he first took office, most of his ire was focused on the US trade relationship with Mexico, while there wasn’t much concern about Canada considering the relatively balanced trade between our two countries.

But in recent months, the relationship between Trudeau & Trump has broken down, while the Trump Administration has had seemingly positive talks with Mexico.

If it truly unfolds that the US and Mexico sign a deal while Canada doesn’t sign one, it would mark one of the most historic trade reversals seen in modern times. It would also raise serious doubts about the Trudeau government’s trade approach that has often focused on virtue-signalling above actual issues.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube