WATCH: Horwath Attacks Premier Ford For Keeping Promise On Sex-Ed Curriculum

Ford puts trust in parents and families, while Horwath thinks government should control everything.

Usually, politicians get attacked and condemned for breaking their promises.

Yet, the Ford government is absurdly being attacked for keeping their promise to scrap the controversial sex-ed curriculum introduced by the Wynne-Liberals.

In Question Period, radical left NDP leader Andrea Horwath tried to make it seem like Ford keeping his promise would somehow put students at risk – even though it just goes back to the same curriculum that was in place in 2014.

Ford pushed back, saying the ‘best teachers are parents,’ showing trust in parents and families to teach important values and facts of life to their kids, rather than putting the government in control.

Watch the Question Period battle in the video below:

Ford’s comments are amazingly refreshing from a politician, as he is showing respect for the primacy of individuals and families over government.

Each family should have the right to teach their values to their children. In some families those values will be traditional conservative values. In other families those values will be more liberal. But in both cases, those decisions are best left up to parents.

The alternative to that is for the government to have control over teaching values to children, which is not something that should happen in a free society.

It’s a clear contrast: Ford trusts parents and families, while Horwath wants to make the government more powerful. Ford should get credit for working to keep his promises, and his approach should be an inspiration to everyone who wants to see freedom protected and strengthened in Canada.

Spencer Fernando

Photos – YouTube

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Sorry Spencer…could only listen to that delusional nut-case for about 2 mins – about the same or less when PM Grope is trying to articulate a complete sentence.. As per usual, the NDP and Libs pull the alt-right slur out of their asses and through it at anyone Conservative who does follow their ideology. Though I am certain Andrea Hogwash does not value my opinion, I believe she and most of her followers should be institutionalized.


Got to love Doug Ford. How can such a rational man put up with these mind control radical out of line people that do not have an ounce of common sense, between them all. Where most of us are just disgusted with them, he has a sense of humor about their radical divisive silliness and if they were not so scary (kinda crazy or worse) for the average person, Doug Ford tries to talk sense humorously to these propaganda puppets. Go Doug Ford you are a needed brave hero for Ontario, and common sense will prevail, hopefully fore ever.


THIS THE ONLY THING THE NDP AND LIBERALS ARE GOOD FOR, NEVER WORK ON ISSUES THAT MATTER! When someone does something that makes sense they lay blame and condemnation. Your paid to work get to it! Andrea Horwath stood around for years and she has more to say now…………just like Wynne! STILL HAVING A HARD TIME ACCEPTING THEY LOST!

Why we voted not for these parties!!

Norbert Kausen

Horwath is a non-starter, a non-issue!!!

Ralph Knapp

I watched that Horvath the harpy session. She seems almost at the edge of a breakdown.

Chaz Martel

@Ralph Knapp : I am sure she is at the edge of a breakdown. Consider, as I am sure you have, the half crazed rank and file of her own party. During the last election campaign there was a few times that the NDP showed indications of real momentum. No doubt during those brief periods there were some in that party who felt that they had a real chance of victory, only to suffer on election day the indignity of a brutal defeat. There would be therefore, some, and probably many in that party, who blame that defeat on Horvath.… Read more »


The NDP has already forgotten how badly they got their ass kicked in the last election.

Jerry Munson

I’m very gratified to see some pushback from voters, even centre/leftish voters, against this pseudo-Maoist ‘Cultural Revolution’ that’s been pushed on us for decades.

Nobody asked for it, nobody voted for it and the idea this ‘progress’ is inevitable and non-negotiable is simply garbage.

Tommy Hawk

The NDP/Liberal cabal is starting to spin out or control.

Imagine, resistance to left-wing agendas is spreading — what is the world coming to?

Of course, neither of those parties can tolerate resistance of any kind to their policies — and as soon as there is any semblance of resistance, they go into ‘bully mode’ because neither party can tolerate their policies being resisted.

The sooner Canda is rid of them, the better Canada will be — if nothing else, they are a social/political lodestone.

Tommy Hawk

As expected — he needs those loyal followers who will accept anything he (and Butts) dream up, without question and will always follow the ‘Party Line.’

That is the way dictators throughout history have clearly demanded — and received.

Glen Aldridge

What is truly amazing to me is that Horwath believes the crap that comes out of her mouth. Doug Ford followed what the public wanted & is keeping his promises. Maybe the NDP & Liberals should try this radical approach to Government instead of forcing their own agenda upon us.


Great work Mr. Ford don’t stoop to the NDP level.

Dan Mancuso

I found it extremely difficult to listen to that Marxist, er NDP leader, spew that nonsense. These people really are delusional…and insane! This is well beyond morally bankrupt and intellectually challenged, there has to be an intervention! How can they, or their sycophants NOT NOTICE the insanity at this point!?
Our society has become (been made) very polarized, and I’d have to say it’s between the sane and those on the left…