WATCH: Horwath Attacks Premier Ford For Keeping Promise On Sex-Ed Curriculum

Ford puts trust in parents and families, while Horwath thinks government should control everything.

Usually, politicians get attacked and condemned for breaking their promises.

Yet, the Ford government is absurdly being attacked for keeping their promise to scrap the controversial sex-ed curriculum introduced by the Wynne-Liberals.

In Question Period, radical left NDP leader Andrea Horwath tried to make it seem like Ford keeping his promise would somehow put students at risk – even though it just goes back to the same curriculum that was in place in 2014.

Ford pushed back, saying the ‘best teachers are parents,’ showing trust in parents and families to teach important values and facts of life to their kids, rather than putting the government in control.

Watch the Question Period battle in the video below:

Ford’s comments are amazingly refreshing from a politician, as he is showing respect for the primacy of individuals and families over government.

Each family should have the right to teach their values to their children. In some families those values will be traditional conservative values. In other families those values will be more liberal. But in both cases, those decisions are best left up to parents.

The alternative to that is for the government to have control over teaching values to children, which is not something that should happen in a free society.

It’s a clear contrast: Ford trusts parents and families, while Horwath wants to make the government more powerful. Ford should get credit for working to keep his promises, and his approach should be an inspiration to everyone who wants to see freedom protected and strengthened in Canada.

Spencer Fernando

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