BIZARRE CARR: Despite Having Majority, Liberal Trade Minister Jim Carr Blames NDP For Delay In Ratifying Trade Deal

“Whaaaaaat are you talking about? Let’s lead, not blame” says Conservative MP John Brassard.

As Canada’s trade relationship with the US deteriorates, Andrew Scheer and the Conservatives are calling on Justin Trudeau to bring Parliament back into session to get the CPTPP trade deal ratified immediately.

Here’s what Scheer tweeted:

“With NAFTA in jeopardy, and a series of failures on other major trade files, Canada needs to diversify its export markets now. There is no time to wait. That’s why today I sent this letter to Justin Trudeau. He should recall Parliament and ratify CPTPP:”

After Scheer’s tweet, new trade minister Jim Carr released a truly bizarre response:

“We are absolutely on track to be among the crucial first six! 100% #CPTPP The @NDP could easily get on board with prosperity and #diversification. Less games, more trade, better access for Canadians. That’s our strategy.”

It’s a truly strange and bizarre response. First of all, the Trudeau government has a majority, so they can pass it themselves. Second, the Conservatives are willing to vote for it, so there would be an even bigger majority for passage. The NDP has very few seats, and can’t block ratification.

Conservative MP John Brassard’s response summed it up well:

“Whaaaaaat are you talking about? Let’s lead, not blame @jimcarr_wpg.”

Trudeau and Carr would rather complain than lead

The Trudeau Liberals clearly think the trade war with Trump is benefiting them politically, and they want to extend it, and extend the damage from it. Taking clear and swift action to bring Parliament back and ratify a trade deal would actually be doing something, rather than complaining. But if they can’t blame Trump for the problems under their watch, the Trudeau Liberals actually have to take responsibility themselves, something they are terrified to do.

So, the Trudeau Liberals probably won’t listen to the good advice coming from the Conservatives, and they’ll keep casting blame everywhere else in a desperate attempt to salvage their political fortunes.

Spencer Fernando

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Elizabeth Thorne

OMG, just when you think you have heard it all, what utter BS–Reminds me of the old saying “and the farmer took another load away“ The Liberal idiots are starting to really, really scare me, this game is dangerous.

Eric Blair

Clearly Jim Carr has not read the briefs for his new ministry yet. Made to look the fool again eh Jimbo.
Trudeau ought to have created a new ministry explicitly for Jim in the same vein as Monty Python’s Ministry of Silly Walks and called it the Ministry of Music – something Jim could excel at.

All Trudeau has done with this cabinet shuffle is basically rearranged the deckchairs on the Titanic


Maybe the Lieberals ha not told the NDP part of their party how they were supposed to vote? They work together usually.

tTommy Hawk

And all these years I wondered who invented the ‘blame game’ and now I know — the Liberals and their Liberal attitudes — err and blame — err and blame — err and blame — just like clockwork.

alan skelhorne

do any of you think tha king trudeau will admit his difficulty in running a government.
i am shocked if you think he will do it. however, now that trump and mexico are sitting down to ratify a trade deal, just maybe king trudeau can see the writing on the wall. oh wait a minute, silly me, we are talking about king trudeau the globalist sock master.were in big trouble, not because of trudeau, because no one is shutting this country down, demanding this pos to step down.
my god people canada is done.