DANGEROUS: Trudeau’s Demonization Of Conservative Canadians Is Fear-Mongering At Its Very Worst

Trudeau is playing a very dangerous game.

As I recently reported, Justin Trudeau said that “the number one enemy of public security is fear.”

Right after he said that, he started attacking the Conservatives, accusing them of spreading fear.

Trudeau must think we’re all stupid.

But unfortunately for him, we’re smart, we can see exactly what he’s trying to do, and we know it’s incredibly dangerous for our country.

First, he says the biggest threat to Canada is “fear.”

Then, he says the Conservatives are the ones spreading “fear.”

What he’s really saying – without having the guts to say it – is that he thinks Conservatives are the biggest threat to public safety.

That’s a level of demonization we haven’t seen before in Canada.

Stephen Harper was regularly asked what he saw as the biggest threat to Canada. He would repeatedly say radical Islamism. While he attacked the Liberals (as they attacked him), he was always clear that the biggest threat was radical Islamism, not Canadians who happened to have a different political viewpoint than him.

But Trudeau is different.

He doesn’t talk about the threat from radical Islamism.

He doesn’t take steps to protect Canada.

Instead, he’s trying to make the millions of Conservative Canadians in this country into a national enemy, which would (in his mind) justify using authoritarian government power to suppress the ‘threat’.

You can see where that would lead.

Trudeau is the fear-mongerer.

That’s why the truth is clear to all of us with the courage to see it: Justin Trudeau is the one dividing Canadians. Justin Trudeau is the one playing a very dangerous game. And Justin Trudeau is the one fear-mongering.

The more Justin Trudeau continues on this disturbing and dangerous course of demonizing millions of Canadian Conservatives, the more he reveals himself as the real risk to our national unity and national future.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Ruth Magee

FDR, not Churchill


Turdeau is the biggest mistake our has ever made,I would not vote for Turdeau if he was the last guy in Canada, he is an arrogant ,ignorant POS

richard taylor

Trudeau is the biggest mistake our country has ever made,he can take his Globalism and shove it where the sun don’t shine.I would never vote for this Traitor. Canadians love Canada not your New world order, he is the most arrogant,ignorant PM we have ever seen,He should have stepped down when the news came out about his Groping of the woman in Crestin ,BC
He is a 1st class hypocrite

richard taylor

Spencer Fernando is 100% right


You want to talk about fear. That’s exactly what this government governs on fear and division. They have some nerve trying to call out conservatives!



This is very sad that Canada has been taken in by these foreign greedy power hungry elites and their UN/Soros etc. propaganda agendas to the benefit of their pocket books and our demise, but as they are taking us down, finally really smart independent good people in Canada are reacting and realizing that they must vote Conservative to try and save our country from these greedy Totalitarians taking our independence and freedom and money and our well being.
2019 lets never have this happen to our country again, hopefully sooner.

Ron Werner

This is the game the mefia played to give Trudeau a majority. They created fear over reelecting Harper because he was fear mongering ie Islamophobic.

Im really starting to hate living anywhere near all this political bs. Its all about greed and power. And we have to pay taxes to pay these morons wages while they rake in millions on the side.

Moe S.

I wish I could take credit for this quote, however, kudos to Lorrie Goldstein, T.O. Sun who nailed Trudeau on this issue. Goldstein comment: “As for Trudeau’s description of Conservatives as fear-mongers because some Conservatives engage in fear-mongering, here’s a concept Trudeau perhaps can understand. Just because one Liberal is accused of groping, doesn’t mean all Liberals are gropers.” (article entitled: Trudeau Smears All Conservatives As Fear-Mongers)

Ivan Hawkes

Fake manly eyebrows… whatever. But they can’t hide the bags under his eyes from crying so frequently because he doesn’t always get his way.

Timothy Hickey

A tactic right out of the Hilary playbook! Trudeau will meet the same fate, unfortunately not soon enough!
Hilary used the fear card/the deplorable card/thee Russian card/ and more! Used them all, but to no avail!
The Liberal World Order is going down, and Canadians must put them into the history books in the next election!


At that rate, Trudeau will make most Canadians his enemy. Trudeau incoherent blabla is not welcome and he makes a fool of himself. Everybody knows that radical islam is the threat #1. We just need to look at Europe and the US. Threats are all over. I would like to remind everyone that since 9/11, there have been over 33,000 muslim terrorist attacks in the western world where 750,000 died or were injured seriously. If that is not a threat….. I must mention that I came across an ISIS today and his whole resume is fabricated. I believe the Trudeau… Read more »

tTommy Hawk

All dictators and wanna be dictators withe their egocentric mentality exhibit that propensity of assuming anyone over whom they have power is incapable of rationale thought (as defined by them) and that they, on the other hand, are all-knowing .

History and the psychiatry have noted this time and time again and have determined that state of mind to be extremely dangerous.


It is clear that he reads from the US Democrats playbook. Be prepared for fireworks after he gets the boot. The only sitting Prime Minister to be accused of ethics violation is telling me who to fear. Having barely survived his fathers regime I feared Trudeau 2.0 when he ran for office. This was because I know the memory retention of the Canadian voter. It reminded me of a conversation I had with a Realtor in the 70`s when I was paying 17% interest when I asked him how they would ever sell houses again. He said they will wait… Read more »


In 2019, this fascist Trudeau has to go.


I feel that the liberals who rely on the media for protection, to do the liberals’ dirty works for them instead of they doing their job properly, are jealous that the conservatives who NEVER had the media on their side yet continues to succeed in many way like Doug Ford for instance, are considered by the liberals since Liberal PM Paul Martin who said ‘the conservatives will put boots in the streets scared the people to voting for him again, is carried on by Trudeau as saying ‘conservatives, even international conservatives’ are dangerous’. Justin Trudeau told or scared his own… Read more »

Connie Cattle

Trudeau and his radical liberals are the biggest threat to Canadians, their well being and their safety from oppression by them, financially, morally, and to the sovereignty of our Nation. And he is right in one regard he and his cabinet of liberal wasters should be afraid of Conservatives. The only ones we are instilling fear is the liberals, not the people of Canada. Because we see right through his lies and duplicity and his desires to make us into a non-country and just one of the Globalists units working for the pockets of the elite. Well, the liberal gravy… Read more »

Norbert Kausen

Trudeau must be tossed from office!!! He is the most reprehensible, disgraceful and treasomous politician we have ever had on the federal scale… and I thought his old man was BAD!!! He’s a stinkin’ chip off the old cow pattie!!! He has done more to divide this country than all other prime ministers combined! If ever there was a time and reason to dismantle confederation, THIS IS IT!!!

Ann Harris

Trudeau should be held to account by demanding that he explain, to Canadians, what he meant when he said…….. “Canada will be the ‘first post national state’ in a One World Order……..” We Canadians know what he meant. But, he is obligated to spell it out, to the people, that he cares not for Canada, that he believes we have no heritage, that he’s a ‘global citizen’ (and we should be too), that billions of dollars spent on the UN Agenda 21 should have been spent on the betterment of Canada and the most ‘treasonous’ act of all……aiming to remove… Read more »