DANGEROUS: Trudeau’s Demonization Of Conservative Canadians Is Fear-Mongering At Its Very Worst

Trudeau is playing a very dangerous game.

As I recently reported, Justin Trudeau said that “the number one enemy of public security is fear.”

Right after he said that, he started attacking the Conservatives, accusing them of spreading fear.

Trudeau must think we’re all stupid.

But unfortunately for him, we’re smart, we can see exactly what he’s trying to do, and we know it’s incredibly dangerous for our country.

First, he says the biggest threat to Canada is “fear.”

Then, he says the Conservatives are the ones spreading “fear.”

What he’s really saying – without having the guts to say it – is that he thinks Conservatives are the biggest threat to public safety.

That’s a level of demonization we haven’t seen before in Canada.

Stephen Harper was regularly asked what he saw as the biggest threat to Canada. He would repeatedly say radical Islamism. While he attacked the Liberals (as they attacked him), he was always clear that the biggest threat was radical Islamism, not Canadians who happened to have a different political viewpoint than him.

But Trudeau is different.

He doesn’t talk about the threat from radical Islamism.

He doesn’t take steps to protect Canada.

Instead, he’s trying to make the millions of Conservative Canadians in this country into a national enemy, which would (in his mind) justify using authoritarian government power to suppress the ‘threat’.

You can see where that would lead.

Trudeau is the fear-mongerer.

That’s why the truth is clear to all of us with the courage to see it: Justin Trudeau is the one dividing Canadians. Justin Trudeau is the one playing a very dangerous game. And Justin Trudeau is the one fear-mongering.

The more Justin Trudeau continues on this disturbing and dangerous course of demonizing millions of Canadian Conservatives, the more he reveals himself as the real risk to our national unity and national future.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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