Ontario & Saskatchewan Stand Together Against The “Punishing” Trudeau Carbon Tax

Doug Ford and Scott Moe vow to “do everything in our power” to fight the tax.

Ontario & Saskatchewan are joining forces against Justin Trudeau’s carbon tax.

At the Council of the Federation where Canada’s Premiers are meeting, Premier Ford and Premier Moe released the following joint statement:

“We agreed today to join forces and use every single tool at our disposal to challenge the federal government’s authority to arbitrarily impose a carbon tax on the people of Ontario and Saskatchewan.

Carbon taxes make life unaffordable for families, and put thousands of jobs at risk. This type of taxation does nothing for the environment and hits people in the wallet in order to fund big government initiatives.

We agreed that, in a time of economic uncertainty, we need to put more money back in the pockets of families and businesses. A climate change strategy is critical, but a carbon tax would increase the price of virtually every product and service people need on a daily basis.

We will do everything in our power, including going to court, to prevent the federal government from imposing this punishing tax on hard-working people. That is why Ontario will be supporting Saskatchewan and intervening in the reference case Saskatchewan has launched with its Court of Appeal. Ontario and Saskatchewan agree that the federal government should not be able to impose a carbon tax on provinces. The federation needs to work more collaboratively.

We look forward to continuing to work together, and with our fellow premiers, to create good jobs and drive economic growth across the country.”

Ford and Moe are showing what real leadership is about: Listening to the People and fighting to put more money back in the pockets of taxpayers.

All other Premiers in Canada should follow their lead.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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don morris

The proposed Federal carbon tax will seriously hurt seniors and other vulnerable people on fixed incomes. The Ford/Moe team should beat the drum loud and long on this theme, “Why does the federal government not care about seniors and The Poor”, just as the Left does whenever it’s convenient for them. Fact IS, the carbon taxes in B.C. are hurting the economy and the above mentioned groups with the cost increase of everything, and many of us have to be very careful about travel at $1.46 plus per liter for gas. The tourist industry, except for the playgrounds of the… Read more »


The people of Canada need unity and to stand together against this spend thrift, destructive, one world, puppet government indebting all of the over taxed Canadian populace, but not helping the environment with this ever rising extra tax. If we want to have a home in Canada left secure and thriving, we must be very careful of who we elect and they must be for the people of Canada first and foremost not the rich globalists who put this puppet government in place to collapse us..


Alberta will be on board next year after nutty is shown the door. Where is Manitoba & the eastern provinces? Oh ya, the east elected this imbecile.

tTommy Hawk

Now THAT is how things should work — pre-Liberal interference and disdain for reality and social graces, all of which indicate a deep dislike for and disdain of Canadian citizens — supposedly their first interest because it is the first interest of every government.