REPORT: Australians Are Turning Against The Paris Climate Accord

Growing number of Australians want their government to pull out of the UN accord.

With rising concerns about electricity prices hitting Australians in the pocketbooks, a growing number of people in that country are turning against the Paris Climate Accord.

With the US having already pulled out of the accord, and a backlash growing towards high-tax, high-regulation ‘climate’ schemes pushed by the elites, there is a growing awareness that things like the Paris Accord only hurt workers while doing nothing for the environment.

A NewsPoll for the Australian newspaper shows 48% of Australians would support their country leaving pulling out of the Accord if it could help lower energy prices. 38% are opposed to leaving the accord.

Australia Turning Against Paris Accord

In the last year, the number of people willing to scrap the accord has risen by 3 points, while the number who are opposed to leaving it has shrunk by 2 points.

Here in Canada, there’s a growing backlash against the so-called ‘climate action’ being pushed by Trudeau and the elites. Ontario decisively rejected the Trudeau carbon tax in the provincial election, and more and more provinces are joining together to fight it.

Taxpayers around the western world are realizing how we’ve been scammed by our ‘leaders,’ and fewer and fewer people are willing to put up with it.

Spencer Fernando

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