Trudeau Government To Reduce Detentions Of Illegal Border Crossers

Move could create even more of an incentive for people to enter Canada illegally.

The Trudeau government is planning to introduce ‘alternative’ measures to reduce the number of individuals in detention centres.

As noted in a recent report, “Canada’s border agency is set to announce changes aimed at releasing more refugee claimants and other foreign nationals safely into the community while their immigration status is being resolved. An expanded framework for alternatives to detention will provide “risk-based, nationally consistent programming” for individuals deemed suitable for release, according to the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA). Agreements with third-party service providers, including the John Howard Society, have been signed to track people released to the community with conditions. Details of the changes are expected to be announced in coming days.”

Of course, “safely” is the word being used by the government, and considering the lack of border security we see now, there are reasons to doubt that claim.

The report also notes the potential ‘alternatives’ to detention:

“A community case management and supervision program that will align in-community support services with individuals’ needs to mitigate any risk factors. A voice reporting system available across the country that will allow people to comply with reporting conditions by using voice biometrics to report to the CBSA at a designated time. Expanded electronic supervision tools such as the use of GPS electronic monitoring on a pilot basis.”

Keep in mind, while the government isn’t saying it, this change is clearly about reducing the number of illegal border crossers in detention, and taxpayers will be paying for all of it. This makes it even more beneficial for people to enter Canada illegally, since the fear of being detained is removed or lessened.

As a result, the incentive for illegal crossings will grow again as word spreads that crossing illegally into Canada doesn’t even mean being detained.

And that increased incentive to cross illegally will mean even more of a burden on Canadian taxpayers, and even more of a strain on the services we are paying for. Not to mention the security issue of making it easier for people to disappear into our vast country.

Yet again, the Trudeau government is showing weakness and an inability to create a deterrent against the breaching of our borders. So much for that new ‘border security’ minister. Trudeau’s open borders policy continues.

Spencer Fernando

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The more this information gets out and the legal pot, the less likely Canadians will be welcomed in the rest of the free world.

Norbert Kausen

Yeah, that Clown Prince of Mediocrity and his gang of disgraceful misfits are sinking deeper and deeper into the filty stinking cesspool they have created!


Canada could be the “first postnational state”. Trudeau added: “There is no core identity, no mainstream in Canada.” So now release the illegal immigrants into society. The boy is a globalist through and through. “What mandate, I don’t need a stinking mandate, I’ve got my peopledate and foundation”. I wish I had been a fly on the wall at the strategy meeting where they determined that these illegal immigrants are expected to vote Liberal and how much consideration they gave to the destruction of the country in order to achieve those votes. Those people will be here forever. He says… Read more »


GRANDPASPEAKS — Wow – I totally hear you and it’s frightening what the future Canada will look like.


Doug Ford could use the OPP and stores of outdated military hardware to line up at the border and turn these illegal immigrants away. It would be a first for Canada to defend its border against illegals instead of actual taxpayers who try to come back home from visiting to the USA. We came home from a visit and was detained 40 minutes while they searched the truck and holiday trailer. I asked for reasons or probable cause and the CBSA got in my face and backed me up to the wall and demanded ” what are you trying to… Read more »

Moe S.

The dept. of Immigration, Refugee & Citizenship Canada recently acknowledged to the National Post News “it has failed to track any of the 50,000 plus Syrian refugees that Canada has taken in since Trudeau’s famous tweet after U.S. Pres. Trump slammed the doors to America.” The proposed ‘voice reporting system’ will allow people (illegal migrants) to ‘comply’ using voice biometrics to report to a CBSA at a designated location. On good faith and trust, the illegal economic migrants will comply via voice biometrics. These are the same folks who have illegally entered Canada, have broken Canada’s immigration law and yet… Read more »

Moe S.

Correction: “Canadian taxpayers are to believe these same people will suddenly ‘comply’ with restrictions placed upon them.”

tTommy Hawk

Without doubt every policy of this government, when it comes to immigration and/or illegal border crossings is an ‘Act of Treason,’ a defined in every dictionary.

This raises the question: “Where are those ‘principled professionals’ in government, law and social orders’?

One should wonder.