VIDEO: Doug Ford Stands Up For Ontario Police, Slams Extremist NDP Radicals

With crime and gun violence surging, Ford pledges to give police the resources they need to increase public safety. Meanwhile, Andrea Horwath plays pathetic political games.

Ontario is experiencing growing problems with crime, particularly when it comes to the surge of gun violence in Toronto.

Many people are concerned that politically-correct policing (imposed on police forces by virtue-signalling politicians) is a big cause of the surge in violence.

Premier Doug Ford has responded to those concerns, and is pledging to give the police the resources they need to bring back safety.

By contrast, radical leftist Andrea Horwath is pushing the same fear-mongering political-correctness that has reduced safety in the first place.

In a recent Question Period, she launched an attack on the Ford government, taking the virtue-signalling to unprecedented levels. In doing so, she totally ignored the anti-police radicalism of her party.

But Ford wasn’t going to let that hypocrisy go unanswered. In the video below, watch as he slams the extremist NDP radicals and stands up for Ontario Police:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Ralph Knapp

That was a ridiculous, classless pair of questions asked by Horvath and non politically correct and straight ahead responses from Ford. He certainly didn’t beat around the bush. It was quite refreshing to see that.


NDP really has not been positive since they lost the Electric too bad they had not put this action where is was deserved when the Liberals ran the Province into the ground. Now they are against what Ontario wants. Thank God. Yes I said God the NDP lost the Election and for sure people will be validated seeing the way these NDP kids are behaving !


Go Doug, you better keep that good sense, and humor, or ( they the radicals ) will be come very hard to deal with. Thank you for what you are doing.

If you haven’t any reason to be afraid of being checked, why protest, let the police do the job of keeping us safe, and you will be safer, if they find guns or knives or drugs on people before they use them on you. Most police officers are very good people and should not be handcuffed but let to do their job of protecting us.


why did the speaker get cut off when he was telling Ford to withdraw? It was only 1 or 2 words.

Carmine Lombardi

This is why so many Ontarian s love Doug Ford.
I count myself one of them.