WHAT? Trudeau Says “The Number One Enemy Of Public Security Is Fear”

Justin Trudeau has yet again shown his disturbing dismissal of real threats to our country.

It’s no surprise for Justin Trudeau to dismiss or downplay real threats to Canada’s security. He does it over and over again. And as I’ve noted before, he never gets angry at Canada’s real enemies, he only gets angry at Conservatives.

Yet, his latest comments on public safety are shockingly detached from reality:

In what he claimed was a quote from Bill Blair, Trudeau said “the number one enemy of public security is fear.”

Then, he attacked Conservatives – both Conservatives in Canada, and around the world.

Watch his comments below:

Respected journalist Candice Malcolm tweeted about how absurd Trudeau’s statement is:

“Trudeau, quoting new Border Security Minister Bill Blair: “the #1 enemy to public security is fear.” Anyone else had enough of “fear” taking down airliners, driving through pedestrian markets, shooting up restaurants & Parliament Hill, blowing up little girls at a pop concert?”

Think about Trudeau’s comments for a moment: He doesn’t see radical Islamism as the biggest threat. He doesn’t see extremists facists or extremist socialists like Antifa as the biggest threat. Instead, it’s “fear,” and then he attacks the Conservatives right after.

Frankly, it’s disgusting.

Trudeau’s thinking is dangerously detached from reality, and Canada is in more and more danger every day he and the Liberals remain in office.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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The new elite UN Lieberal/NDP religion, don’t fear Trudeau is here, not.
Oops, your not elite, so cannot pray with us.

Norbert Kausen

Canada’s “number one enemy of public security”… is Trudeau and his disgraceful gang of liberal misfits!

Kevin Smith

Sadly, Spencer, you and other Conservatives are fighting an election on the wrong issue. Trudeau needs to be defeated but you have chosen the xenophobic route. I’m not impressed.

Ivan Hawkes

The very biggest threat to Canada comes through the globalist agenda to destroy Canada’s economic potential, to disrupt our social order, and to pit us against each other driving us into a third world condition as soon as is possible… by using their convenient little PUPPET Justin who’s lips are firmly planted on their ass.

Al B

Trudeau needs to look at himself
He needs to lead by example and get rid of his security !


And Liberal idiots wonder why the U.S. considers Canada a security threat!! It’s really Captain Crayon and his minions that are the threat, but they can’t be stopped until 2019!!


Trudeau has ushered in a ‘Whole of Government’ approach to combat the greatest threat to public safety…IslamoPHOBIA.”
Trudeau means what he says, and says what he means.


Trudeau’s open border policy is a threat in itself. Open borders work well for the honest and it is exploited by others. The EU is an example of the effects of open borders. It is now a cesspool of corruption, underworld activities, tax avoidance, divisiveness and terrorism. This is what the Trudeau’s of the world work toward.


There is no doubt that there is fear amongst people but that is purposely instituted by Justin Trudeau himself by allowing ISIS killers to roam the streets instead of putting them into prison for treason and acts of murders on innocent people; by awarding terrorists who has committed act of terror on our soil, their citizenship instead of deporting them; by allowing a vicious bill like M103 that leads to Sharia law, from which many Muslims and innocent souls fled from only to find it right here in Canada. The media has fear not of criminals but fear of the… Read more »


Remember when num nuts said If you kill the enemy, they win, this psychopath needs to be removed from office.He is nothing more than a piece of garbage, just like the old man.


Trudeau Says “The Number One Enemy Of Public Security Is Fear”

Bring fear onto people and watch them coward before him thrills Justin to pushing more of it, to get votes and do whatever you want with them. That is Justin and his radical party and the far left are deliberately doing.

David MacKAY

Justin Trudeau is commonly being referred to as “Mr. Stupid”.
This latest statement calling “fear” the greatest threat to public security
shows once again that the name “Mr. Stupid” is well deserved.

sandy mechefske

The only thing that I fear is Trudeau and the liberals. THEY are scary.

tTommy Hawk

It becomes more obvious each and every day what ‘he’ is up to.

As it was with daddy, he will do what he can to cause an ‘incident’ that can (will) be deemed a situation causing in internal threat to the safety of the country,’ at which time he will, without doubt declare a national emergence necessitating the implementation of the War Measures Act (under its new name that does not come to mind at this moment) and, bingo, he will declare himself Prime Minister (dictator) for life.

It is as obvious as an erupting volcano.

Wendy Lush

“The number one enemy of public security is fear.” Typical Trudeau logic – just like his other moronic oxymoron “If you kill your enemies, they win.” Or this gem from Justin.. “Poverty is sexist.” Someone ought to compile all his airhead statements into a book. They would make a fortune. Suggested title: “Trudeauisms – The Unabridged Edition” (like Bushisms books. see below). It would be a best-seller. Only this one would be thick like ‘War and Peace’. “The Deluxe Election Edition Bushisms: The First Term, in His Own Special Words” (2011) by Jacob Weisberg “Still More George W. Bushisms: Neither… Read more »

Dale Evjen

Trudeau proves yet again that ‘Stupid can’t be fixed’!!

David Cameron

So Justine Tudope is a moron. What else is new and obvious?