WHAT? Trudeau Says “The Number One Enemy Of Public Security Is Fear”

Justin Trudeau has yet again shown his disturbing dismissal of real threats to our country.

It’s no surprise for Justin Trudeau to dismiss or downplay real threats to Canada’s security. He does it over and over again. And as I’ve noted before, he never gets angry at Canada’s real enemies, he only gets angry at Conservatives.

Yet, his latest comments on public safety are shockingly detached from reality:

In what he claimed was a quote from Bill Blair, Trudeau said “the number one enemy of public security is fear.”

Then, he attacked Conservatives – both Conservatives in Canada, and around the world.

Watch his comments below:

Respected journalist Candice Malcolm tweeted about how absurd Trudeau’s statement is:

“Trudeau, quoting new Border Security Minister Bill Blair: “the #1 enemy to public security is fear.” Anyone else had enough of “fear” taking down airliners, driving through pedestrian markets, shooting up restaurants & Parliament Hill, blowing up little girls at a pop concert?”

Think about Trudeau’s comments for a moment: He doesn’t see radical Islamism as the biggest threat. He doesn’t see extremists facists or extremist socialists like Antifa as the biggest threat. Instead, it’s “fear,” and then he attacks the Conservatives right after.

Frankly, it’s disgusting.

Trudeau’s thinking is dangerously detached from reality, and Canada is in more and more danger every day he and the Liberals remain in office.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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