READ: Doug Ford Issues Statement After Premier’s Meeting, Discusses Illegal Border Crossers, Fight Against Trudeau’s Carbon Tax

“I was also proud to stand with Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe, and join forces to fight the federal government’s authority to impose a carbon tax on hard-working people and their families,” said Ford.

After the Council of the Federation meeting, Ontario Premier Doug Ford released the following statement, addressing issues like the fight against Trudeau’s carbon tax, and illegal border crossers:

“I would like to thank the fine people of New Brunswick for hosting this year’s conference. It was great to sit face-to-face with premiers from across the country, and discuss issues of mutual importance. While our provinces are diverse, and some of our partisan stripes different, we were able to find common ground on a number of critical issues. I was proud to represent the interests of Ontario at this productive forum.

It was vitally important to discuss the issue of illegal border crossers with premiers from Quebec, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan — who are the most impacted by this issue. We agree that the federal government should compensate affected provinces for all of the costs associated with their decision to open Canadian borders. We also were able to secure broader consensus from all of Canada’s premiers on the need for the federal government to compensate affected provinces.

I was also proud to stand with Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe, and join forces to fight the federal government’s authority to impose a carbon tax on hard-working people and their families. Ontario taxpayers should not be subjected to a punishing carbon tax that makes our province uncompetitive and unaffordable.

Canada’s premiers agreed to stand shoulder-to-shoulder and protect jobs during the NAFTA negotiations, and to reduce barriers on interprovincial trade.

I look forward to continuing to work closely with my provincial counterparts, and to always putting Ontario families first.”

Ford also shared his thoughts on Twitter:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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It is long overdue that every province should take control over their own southern border, if the Feds don’t do then the provinces have an obligation to police it on their own to protect their citizens. Ship them back, it will only take a short time and the word would be out and end the problem. This is illegal so every province has a right to refuse entry. Time to get tough with the irregular Feds.


Kitsie I think this is a really good idea, let us contact Doug Ford and all the provinces leaders, since we have no Canadian federal government, this makes perfect sense. Also maybe we can get all the provinces together to make NAFTA happen, as we need a FOR Canada federal government.

Ron Voss

Would like to see a stand against illegal boarder crosses; not just a request for a government handout which baloons our deficit. Where do they think such money comes from?


I would much rather see this foreign agenda collapse Canada government, collapse before Canada does. Kitsie has an excellent idea, that would help our country stay a country. We have open boarders, one world, unethical puppet traitors running us into the ground, and they own our media so we must start, many provinces are unhappy and we need a Canadian Leader to keep us together and do not have one at present. Lets get the provincial leaders working together, I want to email Andrew Schere maybe he could advise us further, and Doug Ford in Ontario, would be a strong… Read more »

Tommy Hawk

Great balls of fire — someone (or two) who actually believe they have been elected to ‘serve the best interests of those who pay them.’ In today’s world of the ‘Yellow Brick Road,’ it is refreshing to hear this type of comment — and, to this moment in time, I am prepared to give him kudos for his comments — and will be watching very closely to see if his ‘do what I am elected and expected to do,’ remains constant. Let’s hope, for the sake of Ontario and as an example to other provinces that, given the proper type… Read more »