REPORT: Amid Trade Dispute With Trump, Liberals Get Summer Bump In Ipsos Poll

Federal Conservatives drop 5 points from a month ago.

A new poll by Ipsos first reported by Global News, shows the Trudeau Liberals getting a summer bump, as they benefit from a lack of media attention on the Conservatives, and the ongoing trade dispute between Canada and the US.

The poll shows a significant turnaround from last month, when the Conservatives held a clear lead.

Now, the Liberals are up six points to 39%, while the Conservatives have fallen 5 points down to 32%. The NDP remains far back at 21%, while the moribund Bloc is down to just 2%. The Greens round out the list at 6%.

Trudeau’s approval rating is up to 55%, though many note that this is a usual “rally around the flag” effect when one nation is perceived as being under attack, either politically, militarily, or in this case economically, from an outside force.

Pollster Mike Colledge told Global, “The summer months are working very well for Mr. Trudeau and the Liberals, in part because of the response to the war of words for trade tariffs spat with Mr. Trump that rallied both the Liberal base as well as those who opposed the Liberals.”

He added that media attention is another issue:

“During summer, the House of Commons breaks and it takes away some of the oxygen from the opposition parties in terms of their ability to get media attention around key issues.”

While these top-line numbers will be a concern for the Conservatives, national poll results often change wildly from month to month. However, in the first test of Trudeau’s ‘trade war strategy,’ the Liberals were defeated by the Conservatives in a key Quebec riding they had previously held, even after promising millions in government spending just before calling the byelection.

Still, the issue of media attention is something the Conservatives will have to address. Doug Ford set an example as a politician unafraid to speak very clearly, generate his own media attention, and relentlessly rip into his opponents while offering a strong conservative message. He won big.

But Scheer still appears to be having trouble breaking through, and is still heavily reliant on hoping to get favourable coverage from the establishment media – which is something no conservative can rely upon. At a certain point, caution works against a political leader if they can’t generate sustained public attention.

In today’s era, toughness, and a willingness to create some controversy is necessary for Conservative political leaders to get attention and turn that attention into increased support and drive focus onto their key issues. If the poll results continue to show lower Conservative Party support, the calls for them to shift to a more aggressive strategy will certainly rise.

Spencer Fernando

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Ron Voss

The mainly leftwing media in Canada has done a good job preparing the ground by demonic ing Trump and looks like this is the path, standing up against Trump, that Trudeau thinks will get him re-elected. Good chance given how the voters have been indoctrinated by the media.

Ron Voss

But Scheer still appears to be having trouble breaking through, and is still heavily reliant on hoping to get favourable coverage from the establishment media – which is something no conservative can rely upon.
Scheer true a Conservative media like The Rebel under the bus and courted the likes of MacLean’s. Canada needed a bulldog in these trying times and we ended up with a Cheshire Cat.

David MacKAY

Mr.Scheer if you support Mr Trudeau – why should we voter bother to support you???
Rather than go after Trudeau for his imbecility of trying to control the NAFTA talks with Trudeau’s my-way or the Highway. Mr Scheer thought it advantageous to announce that he supported Trudeau. Scheer supports Trudeau in the Trade War that Trudeau created against Trump and America.
If that was not the most Brain dead move of a Conservative leader in Canadian history what was?
A 5 % point drop was limited only because most Canadians were on vacation.


Scheer had better get his ass in gear or get out of the way. Canada will NOT survive another four years of Trudeau and his offensive racist Liberals.

Valerie Clark

I wonder how much Ipsos was paid for this.

Dave French

Conservative SCHEER must quit smiling all the time … it looks weak … GET TOUGH, let Canadians know about all the scandals, disgraces, traitorous, lies, TOTALLY USELESS & contemptible all Liberals & Trudeau definitely are. SCHEER must get tough, just like Doug FORD in Ontario & speak the truth & Scheer must start nailing Liberal Trudeau’s butt to the wall & do NOT let up on him. Make Trudeau answer & face up to all the revolting, execrable, unspeakable, shocking, offensive, disgraceful, shameful, ignominious during Trudeau’s time in office. SCHEER, IF you can’t get tough with Trudeau, then step down… Read more »

tTommy Hawk

If ‘summer bumps’ are what turn your crank, your view of the reality of what we will be leaving our offspring, their offspring and their offspring is embarrassingly pretty limited.

I believe some serious discussions with the person looking at you from your mirror might well be in order, because nature dictates that once we procreate, we have an unshakeable responsibility to those we leave behind.

How will you be remembered by those — or do you care?


Scheer needs to step aside as it is crystal clear that despite the massive failure that is Trudeau, he will not be able to defeat him, which spells absolute disaster for Canada. Maxime Bernier, Pierre Poilievre, Michelle Rempel…all would be a far better leader for the Conservative Party and have a much better chance of ridding Canada of the disastrous and divisive LPC.


Sheer will be fine. He has strong people working with. Like the ones you mentioned above.