Stabbing Rampage: At Least 14 People Wounded In Knife Attack On Bus In Germany

Attack happened in the city of Lubeck.

There are at least 14 people injured in a knife attack on a bus in Germany.

The attack happened in the northern city of Lubeck, in the Kuecknitz district.

One suspect has been arrested.

According to reports, “The Lübecker Nachrichten newspaper wrote that 2 of the 14 people wounded were in serious condition and that the suspected perpetrator had been apprehended.”

The Daily Mail is reporting that the suspect is an Iranian man in his 30’s:

“A suspect, understood to be Iranian and in his 30s, has been arrested after police swooped on the area. Local reports claim the attacker dumped a ‘smouldering backpack’ before he was detained by police.”

A police car was said to be nearby the bus when the attack took place, leading to the quick arrest of the suspect.

One witness said “Passengers jumped out of the bus and screamed, it was terrible, and then the injured were taken away.”

“Another described scenes of ‘carnage’ when a victim who had just offered his seat to an elderly woman was then stabbed in the chest.”

While the police have not officially released a motive, Germany has seen a spate of radical Islamist attacks and has seen increasing crime in recent years. That has caused a significant backlash against the border policies pushed by Angela Merkel and the European Union.

Spencer Fernando