Telling It Like It Is: While Other Politicians Avoid The Truth, Doug Ford Still Says “Illegal Border Crossers”

It’s important for leaders not to bow down to political correctness.

While other politicians use weasel-words to avoid the crisis at the border, calling it “irregular migration,” “irregular crossings,” or simply “asylum seeking,” Ontario Premier Doug Ford continues to stand out as someone who is standing up for the integrity of Canada’s laws.

In a recent Tweet, Ford said “Pleased to stand with Premier Couillard and Premier Pallister to call on the federal government to pay their fair share. I have been clear that the costs for illegal border crossers is the responsibility of the federal government.”

Interestingly, in the joint statement by Ford, Couillard, and Pallister, the reference is made to “non-point of entry border crossers.”

Meanwhile, in a statement made by Premier Ford only, there is a reference to “illegal border crossers.”

The contrast between Ford’s tweet/statement, and the joint statement with Pallister and Couillard shows that behind the scenes, the Quebec Premier and the Manitoba Premier’s PR people didn’t want to say “illegal border crossers.”

This leaves Ford as one of the only politicians in Canada – along with many Conservative MPs – willing to actually call the crossings what they are: Illegal.

While it may not seem like much, it is very important. The government itself has signs up at the border saying crossing is illegal, yet the establishment media, academic elites, and most of the political class won’t even call it what it is.

Ford is showing political courage. In an era of lies and deception under the Trudeau government, it’s essential to support leaders who stand up for the truth.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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tTommy Hawk

Well, to date, Ford has proven himself willing to argue on the side of the obvious as well as on the side of logic.

How refreshing in politics.

This would indicate a dangerous number of politicians intentionally fail to recognize fundamental truths — that should end — and quickly, because the alternative is certain disaster for Canada and the future of our offspring, their offspring and their offspring which, under the laws of nature, will beget disaster.

Dave French

All those Politicians that avoid ‘calling a spade a spade’, & weakly, & wimpy like & basically Cowards to honestly state the facts like Doug FORD.!!
** Absolutely, FORD is refreshing in politics. Let us hope FORD continues & he could become our PM in the future. Canadians need a politician that will Openly Speak the Truth & someone who will not BS just to get votes, or break campaign promises & that person is definitely Doug FORD.


Doug Ford speaks the common language, does not put on airs, like the I am better than you are, and you should bow down and do as I say without any rational thought agendas, so many people have now a days. He is very intelligent and listens to the people he is now leading, he will do what is best for all of us after talking and listening, and like any good leader is open and honest about what he feels is right and fair, he also is a hard working business man, from the ground up kind , and… Read more »

Moe S.

It’s mind-boggling the terminology being used to describe in simplistic terms ‘illegal immigrants.’ These politically correct Liberals themselves don’t seem to know from one day to the next which politically correct terminology they should use. PICK ONE! No, that would be too easy. So, here’s the list of politically correct terminology: irregular border crossers; refugees; migrants; immigrants; asylum seekers; asylum refugees; irregular crossings; asylum seeking; and irregular migration. Today’s NEW term “non-point of entry border crossers.” Makes one wonder if the Federal Liberals have gone insane? The rest of us looking in from the outside on this bunch of NUT… Read more »


I am tired of the phrase “Politically Correct”…which is a translation for shutting down common sense. And I know so many fine people who have “bought into” this “Program”.

Roy Elsworth

I seen Doug ford perform in the legislature building he is amazing he attacks and no PC so refreshing. and he won’t back away from CBC either

Norbert Kausen

I stand firmly with Doug Ford!!!