Trudeau’s NAFTA ‘Solidarity’ With Mexico Is Looking Like A Pretty Stupid Move

The Trudeau government kept dismissing the idea of striking a one-on-one deal with the United States. Now Mexico is meeting with the US trade negotiator alone.

For many months, people across Canada, including myself and many of you reading this article, have been calling for Justin Trudeau to put Canada’s interests first, and be open to the idea of striking a bilateral, one-on-one NAFTA deal with the United States.

Months ago, those reasons were very simple: Canada and the US have broadly similar economies and labour standards, and the Trump administration was focusing their anger on Mexico, particularly the massive trade surplus Mexico has over the US.

Yet, the Trudeau government refused to even consider a bilateral deal. Over and over and over again they rejected even the thought of it, and said Canada stood in “solidarity” with Mexico.

Now, that move looks incredibly stupid.

There are growing reports that the US and Mexico will strike a bilateral NAFTA deal, leaving Canada out in the cold. While nothing is set in stone, one aspect of the deal could see the US impose tariffs on vehicle imports – including cars built in Canada, but would give Mexico an exemption from the tariffs.

As you can imagine, that would be devastating for Canada’s economy, and would represent one of the most historic reversals of fortune when it comes to trade. After years of railing against Mexico, it appears Donald Trump is willing to sign a deal with them, while Canada is left out.

A US-Mexico deal without Canada would also give the US significantly enhanced leverage over Canada, meaning we would end up with a far worse deal.

And here’s what makes Trudeau’s approach look even worse: Mexico has abandoned any pretense of solidarity with Canada.

While the Trudeau government keeps talking about a ‘trilateral’ deal, the National Post reports that “the Mexican economics minister made plans to meet the chief U.S. trade negotiator in Washington, next week – a session that would not include Canada.”

Looks like that Canada-Mexico ‘solidarity’ was all one-sided.

Give Mexico credit. They played it smart. They used Trudeau’s ‘solidarity’ to buy time, and turn the tide of negotiations in their favour, leaving Canada as the one the US is pissed off at. And once things looked good for them, they went off to negotiate one-on-one with the US.

In short, Trudeau and Freeland got played.

While it’s usually good when Trudeau runs into trouble (for example people turning against the carbon tax), this is one area where his failure would have significant negative consequences for Canada. I hope that I’m wrong on this one, and that his huge ‘solidarity’ mistake doesn’t end up leaving Canada in a position of having zero influence and leverage in continuing NAFTA negotiations.

But it’s not looking good. Trudeau, whether out of arrogance, stupidity, a willingness to sell out Canada, or a combination of all those things, appears to have put Canada in a dangerously weak position, and all of us could end up paying the price.

Spencer Fernando

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Is there nothing that this selfie costume clown feminist is involved in that he doesn’t screw up? There are a few Canadian infrastructure projects that he has funded, but more has gone to foreign friends. The tough Mexican politicians got pissed when the Turd said he would look at doing a deal without Mexico, so Mexico just kicked the Turd in the Butts. Good for them, looking out for their own country. It would be appreciated if Canada had a PM that would do the same.

Turd is in WAY over his head. Just not ready. Still not ready.


Well 2019 is not soon enough, Canada really needs a Canadian Federal government for Canada, this post national one world no boarders and virtue signalling, will not make any of us welcome around the world, maybe Europe? but with all the crime and no go zones, who wants to go there, but the main problem will be, no jobs and no money only debt and deficits and higher taxes till we collapse financially. What was it Trudeau said, something about making Canadians behave, yep soon we will do anything to be able to eat and ? have a safe roof… Read more »


This is what a”postnational” country does and I blame every Canadian that voted for him. Maybe we will eventually learn to get over ourselves for like Trudeau, Canada has been boxing above its weight class for a long time. A neophyte is not someone new to boxing. It is what you elected. Canadians are about to learn the definition of “dead right”.


It is very upsetting to see Trudeau clown around while nothing gets done with NAFTA. His requirements are ridiculous and standing up with Mexico was totally irrelevant. Trudeau is putting the country in a very bad economic position and we know that the longer it will take to get something done, the worse it is going to be. Ford is trying to save the auto industry in Ontario by sending a representative to the US. Maxime Bernier is sounding the alarm and coming with solutions. While Trudeau is sitting and waiting. To me, it is clear that Trudeau does not… Read more »

louis Joannette

Whit the petrol in Alberta we could be No3 in the world supplier whit an outlet in the west and in the east at IRVING OIL IN NEW BRUNSWICK.for the east market . Also I am watching MEXICO they have under their feet a huge oil field. And since we live in the same continent MEXICO AND CANADA should be like HAWAII an independent state of USA. The USA should remember the Canadian sacrifice when the Russian during the cold war they had NUKE POINTING AT THE BIG CITY IN USA and the USA MISSILE COULD NOT REACH THE RUSSIAN… Read more »

shawn harris

Here goes Trudeau stealing victory from the jaws of defeat once again. Trudeau just doesn’t see the bigger picture of international economics. Trump was offering Trudeau a way to secure a deal but Trudeau just didn’t see that he had to give up supply management , or concessions on autos, to get a far better deal. One that would have provided Canada with better access to the American market, including government services and contracts, if only, Trudeau could have got past his very strong ideology that has deprived him of a deal and Canada from having a more prosperous future.… Read more »

Gwen Rutherford

Here goes Trudeau stealing defeat from the jaws of victory once again.

David MacKAY

Sadly for Canada the Only political unifying feature is anti-Americanism.
Rather than go after Trudeau for his imbecility of trying to control the NAFTA talks with Canda’s way or the Highway. Mr Scheer thinking it advantageous announced that he supported Trudeau. Scheer loudly declared he supported Trudeau in the War Trudeau created against Trump and America. If that was not the most Brain dead move of a Conservative leader in Canadian history what was?

David MacKAY

When the nick name for the Prime Minster of Canada is “Mr. Stupid”
Why should Canadian not expect Stupid more stupid moves in trade talks ?
After all is said and done – he has earned the nickname.
“I VOTED FOR Mr. Stupid” with a smiling picture of “Mr Stupid”
then send it to your liberal acquaintances.