Canadian Veteran Suing Liberal Cabinet Minister Seamus O’Regan For Defamation

Lawsuit relates to comments made by O’Regan in an article about the Liberals broken lifetime pension promise.

During the 2015 election, the Trudeau Liberals talked a good game when it came to supporting injured Canadian Veterans. They said they would no longer fight Veterans in court, and they promised to restore the ‘Pension for Life.’

Once in office however, the Liberals kept fighting Veterans in court, broke their promise to restore the lifelong pension at the same amount it was previously, and Justin Trudeau even said wounded Veterans were asking for too much – as he spent billions elsewhere.

Now, Canadian Veteran Sean Bruyea is suing Veterans Affairs Minister Seamus O’Regan for defamation.

According to a report by Murray Brewster, “Sean Bruyea of Ottawa filed the action against Veterans Minister Seamus O’Regan in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice on May 11, copies of which were recently released. The suit, which asks for $25,000 in damages, stems from a Feb. 26, 2018 column written by the minister and printed in the Hill Times, a twice-weekly publication that covers Parliament.”

Notably, “The lawsuit alleges the minister’s column painted Bruyea as “a liar” who “was deliberately untruthful to serve some dishonest personal agenda.” The statement of claim calls the characterization “libellous and defamatory.” The claims have not been tested in court.”

Bruyea had said about the pension the Liberals proposed that, “the numbers don’t add up,” “and that pain and suffering compensation for ex-soldiers is “grossly unfair” and that disability claims had become “miserly.”‘

In his article, O’Regan directly went after Bruyea:

“But let me be clear, individuals like Sean Bruyea, who are stating mistruths about Pension for Life [the Liberals’ overhaul] are leaving out parts of our programs, are doing so to suit their own agenda.”

It sure didn’t take long for the Liberals to go from claiming to help Veterans, to fighting against them.

So, just like everything else under this government, the Trudeau Liberals promise to stand up for Canada’s Veterans was another lie.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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