PATHETIC: As The US & Mexico Consider NAFTA Deal Without Canada, The Liberals Are Attacking Harper

The Trudeau Liberals are desperate to distract from their growing failure.

As I recently reported, Justin Trudeau’s ‘strategy’ of standing in “solidarity” with Mexico on NAFTA appears to be going up in flames.

After repeatedly refusing to even consider a bilateral deal with the US when the Trump administration was happy with Canada, it turns out that Mexico and the US are now considering a bilateral deal on NAFTA without Canada, and the US is directing their anger in our direction – instead of towards Mexico.

That would give both the US and Mexico massive leverage over Canada, and would force the Trudeau government to crawl back to the negotiating table with almost zero power to get a good deal for the Canadian People.

In light of this growing failure, you’d think the Liberals would be trying to unite Canadians of all political stripes, show openness to a bilateral deal, and get back to the negotiating table ASAP.


Instead, they keep talking about a “trilateral” deal, even as the US and Mexico are set to talk without Canada at the table.

And now, desperate to distract from their collapsing ‘solidarity strategy,’ the Trudeau Liberals are going back to their old standby: Attacking Stephen Harper.

After Harper said (100% correctly), that the Trudeau government appears to be more interested in the political benefits of opposing Trump than they are in getting a deal done, the Liberals have become increasingly unhinged.

While Harper’s claim was based on the evidence we can all see around us, Liberal MP Patty Hajdu claimed – without any evidence – that Harper “would have given Canada away.”

“If Harper was PM he would have given Canada away. Good thing we have a fabulous team of people fighting for a fair deal for Canada.”


Where’s the evidence for that claim?

Where’s the proof?

In fact, while Harper signed trade deals while in office (some of which have provisions that aren’t great for Canadian workers), he was far more willing than Trudeau to stand up for Canada’s interests. It’s Trudeau who has loosened up restrictions on foreign ownership, making it easier for other countries to take Canadian companies. And it’s Trudeau who let China’s state run enterprises take over sensitive Canadian national security companies – after Harper had rejected those same transactions.

Trudeau is the sell-out.

While they try to keep up a reasonable facade publicly, there’s no doubt that the Trudeau Liberals are panicking behind the scenes. While Trudeau the post-nationalist globalist may not care about screwing over Canada, many of his MPs must fear the potential damage of Canada being locked out while the US and Mexico sign a deal.

If all the Liberals have left are attacks on Stephen Harper, the situation is even worse than it looks.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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