Trudeau’s Taxpayer-Funded Nanny Is Getting A Pay Raise

Why isn’t Trudeau paying for it all himself?

Justin Trudeau and his family are very wealthy, yet he insists on charging taxpayers for his family’s nanny.

Now, the nanny is getting a pay raise.

According to the CP, “The nanny caring for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s kids has been given a full-time salary and a slight pay increase compared with the reported hourly rate she was paid shortly after Trudeau took office in 2015. An order in council issued earlier this week indicates Marian Pueyo’s annual pay has been set in a range that starts just below $40,000 and caps off at slightly more than $45,000.”

While the nanny obviously should be paid, the cost should be covered by Trudeau. By contrast, the Harper’s didn’t have a taxpayer-funded nanny.

Trudeau had talked a big game about the middle class, and about how his family didn’t need the Universal Child Care Benefit brought in by the Conservatives. So, if he was willing to score political points on not accepting that money, why is he now charging taxpayers for his nanny?

Once again, Trudeau’s actions and words are shown to have no relation to each other. His willingness to force taxpayers to cover the expense of his nanny shows his sense of entitlement, and despite his own family wealth he thinks he deserves even more of our money.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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