Trudeau’s Taxpayer-Funded Nanny Is Getting A Pay Raise

Why isn’t Trudeau paying for it all himself?

Justin Trudeau and his family are very wealthy, yet he insists on charging taxpayers for his family’s nanny.

Now, the nanny is getting a pay raise.

According to the CP, “The nanny caring for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s kids has been given a full-time salary and a slight pay increase compared with the reported hourly rate she was paid shortly after Trudeau took office in 2015. An order in council issued earlier this week indicates Marian Pueyo’s annual pay has been set in a range that starts just below $40,000 and caps off at slightly more than $45,000.”

While the nanny obviously should be paid, the cost should be covered by Trudeau. By contrast, the Harper’s didn’t have a taxpayer-funded nanny.

Trudeau had talked a big game about the middle class, and about how his family didn’t need the Universal Child Care Benefit brought in by the Conservatives. So, if he was willing to score political points on not accepting that money, why is he now charging taxpayers for his nanny?

Once again, Trudeau’s actions and words are shown to have no relation to each other. His willingness to force taxpayers to cover the expense of his nanny shows his sense of entitlement, and despite his own family wealth he thinks he deserves even more of our money.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Kevin Smith

Spencer, you are making a fool of yourself again.

Norbert Kausen

No Spencer is not making a fool of himself, Kevin!!! Spencer speaks the absolute truth!

Throddy Borkins

smith, he’s not, trudeau continues his arrogant, self centered, conceited, self rightous ways , probably because he knows he’ll be gone next election and like his $#$% father is screwing Canadians as much as he can.


That’s a hefty price to pay, just so the mother of these children (Sophie) can run around getting her hair and nails done, oh and her daily YOGA classes and goodness knows what else. I have no problem with those who can afford a nanny having a nanny, however, not with my tax dollars !!
TRUDEAU MUST GO ! Elections 2019 can’t come fast enough.


We have all been misled all along to believe that the nanny is for Trudeau kids; actually the nanny, I suspect big time, is for Trudeau himself; whatever deficiencies he has, which might be entirely different that the ones we know, probably entitle him to have the services of a support worker 24/7;

Fred Dimmick

Why isn’t Trudeau paying for it all himself? Because he is ‘Justin other’ greedy ‘limousine liberal’ who consider themselves ‘ROYALTY’ and we serfs must keep them in the lifestyle of kings and queens.
The troughs aren’t big enough for these PIGS!


Is his wife being paid by taxpayers too?


It’s right in his DNA because his Ancestor’s came to Quebec in the 1600’s when it was still “New France” ! As this New Wilderness was a major destination for prisoners and Criminal’s who could not fit in French society of the time, He could be a Genetic Liar !


Moe S.

Even though it is taxpayers money paying this woman’s annual salary of $40,000-$45,000, assuming it is a 40hr/wk. at $21.79/hr. Looking after someone else’s 3x children would be exhausting physically & mentally. Considering Trudeau’s private Chef Chantrand earns an annual salary of $68,468-$79,234 dollars preparing meals. Chef Chantrand has the easy job. Trudeau’s nanny is getting a pittance salary compared to Chef Chantrand. Cheap and shameless Trudeau.


Trudeau is a leech


How can Trudeau be forced to pay back all Nanny money to taxpayers ? Unlike Harper, he is robbing us openly and thinks nothing of it.

Norbert Kausen

WTF!!! Are Canadian Taxpayers pying for this??? THAT is outrageous!!! I was never even paid THAT much for putting my life on the line for this country!!! Trudeau is REPREHENSIBLE!!! He is certainly very free with OUR money!!! He MUST be removed from office, NOW!!

Beverley Campbell

I think his wife’s primary job in life is to raise those children, she would do well to disabuse herself of the belief that she ALSO was elected, no such thing exists, nor would the general public wish it to be so. If she wishes to have a Nanny then they should privately pay for a nanny, it is not my business, nor is it yours, nor is it our task to pay for the Nanny.

Wendy Lush

I’m not sure I disagree with the nanny’s pay hike. You’ve heard of Hazard compensation or Hazardous duty pay? This is the extra salary paid for working in a toxic work environment.

Imagine having to listen to the Virtue-Signaler in Chief at the dinner table going on and on ad nauseam about the next clan he will save from those horrible imperialists. JT probably sings lullabies to his kids about how a noble Canadian prince is going to save more Syrians.

This nanny is entitled to virtue-signaling trauma compensation.




hush money? hope no grope


If you think ANY child care – and this for the PM, our busy leader – at a paultry $45000/yr is too much, you should probably try getting a job as one (ie, nanny, elementary teacher, PSW, etc) and find put that’s not NEARLY ENOUGH for the job description. BTW, as long as you have the qualifications for it first; and even then, trying finding a job (Good Luck!) first, and worst of all, trying on that wage in a large/comparable city lile Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec or Toronto. Good luck again, you’ll need it my friend.


corrections: ..”find out that’s not”…; ..”trying to live on that wage”…