As Canadians Turn Against The Carbon Tax, McKenna Complains About Mean Tweets

The Liberal government’s obsession with Twitter continues, while real issues go unaddressed.

Canadians have turned against the Trudeau-McKenna carbon tax. It was decisively rejected in Ontario, and Premier Doug Ford has vowed to fight it.

Saskatchewan is fighting it, and even the government of Prince Edward Island – led by a Liberal – is fighting against it.

Alberta will almost certainly elect the United Conservatives into power, which will ensure that a clear majority of Canada’s population is led by government’s that oppose the job-killing tax.

The Paris Accord is falling apart, with nearly every country missing the targets, and emissions falling the most in one of the only countries that didn’t sign it – the United States. Meanwhile, emissions are up by billions of tons in Canada.

So, as all of her policies fall apart, you would think McKenna would be focused on figuring out why Canadians don’t want to buy what she and Trudeau are selling.


Instead, she’s complaining about how ‘mean’ Twitter is:

“I think we all need a time out. Or at least a bit of reflection. I like(d) @twitter bc of the breaking news. I learned stuff. I could talk about what & why we were doing things as a government. I could engage, debate & yes, talk about swimming, all things Irish, kids, movies.”

“The @twitter hate does get me down a bit. More for the nice folks who engage & get sucked into my vortex. But I’m not going anywhere. I’m going to talk abt what I care abt & sometimes make mistakes or say things that folks don’t like. But I will try to focus on what I believe in.”

“And if you really hate me or what I stand for or what I say, the good news is that you don’t have to follow me.”

“And for the majority of people out there – including those who may not agree but are happy to engage without hurling abuse – thank you. The best of when it’s like Sunday dinner w/ my Irish dad & family. Loud, feisty, funny, endearing & we all leave feeling pretty good.”

Where’s my violin?

McKenna and the Trudeau Liberals continued focus on complain about their treatment on Twitter shows a few things, all of them concerning:

First, they’re clearly setting things up to exert government control (‘regulations’) over Twitter in an effort to silence opposition. They’ll use the excuse of fighting ‘hate,’ and simply define most opposition as ‘hateful.’

And secondly, they’re distracted from very serious issues, like their collapsing climate plan, collapsing investment, the US & Mexico looking likely to sign a NAFTA deal without Canada, rising crime, and the illegal border crossing crisis.

Instead of dealing with those issues, they’re acting like aggrieved victims, and the consequences for our country are piling up every day.

Of course, McKenna’s ’empathy’ only extends to herself and those she likes on Twitter. She leaves out any empathy for the many coal industry workers whose livelihoods her policies will decimate, and doesn’t seem too worried about the many Canadians struggling financially due to the carbon tax and job-killing regulations.

The Canadian People deserve far better.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Ron Voss

Typical bully, screams when there is push back.


Rather than “fight for what I believe in.” Ms. McKenna might give a moment of thought to what the citizens of Canada, that she allegedly was elected to represent, believe in. A moment to think about what Canadians want, as opposed to what SHE wants, would probably get her expelled from the Liberal caucus. One year to go.


Hey McKenna, why don’t you have a drink with a Leprechaun


Catherine, you can talk about what you care about, but, don’t try to push it down Canadians throats. You no you are wrong so drop it. It’s not about “you”.

Ralph Knapp

Taxing the air we breath is never a good idea.


Poor Catherine, not all Canadians support her and the ridiculous carbon tax-so are you going to cry like Justine because we aren’t sucked into your vortex?????
Catherine, why don’t you talk about the issues that your constituents are concerned about????
Like our “open” borders, our ever- mounting debt, our vets who need assistance, our growing crime problem, the pipeline that all own now, though we don’t want to…….??????
Come on Catherine, we see you’re blond but you’re not that stupid….or are you??

tTommy Hawk

Her comments, to my thinking reflect a very immature person ‘scolding’ those that hold different opinions. That is not her job and perhaps if she spent more time researching before complaining, and actually listening to the sincere opinions of others and indulged in mature and meaningful discourse, rather than simply parroting the Party Line, she would make her own job more pleasant. It is called ‘reasoned discussion,’ but that is not the Liberal way — on any topic. Indeed, the Liberal Party and the Liberal government are the epitome of the bully — which, by the way is against the… Read more »


Exactly put Tommy. She is the spoiled child and her Lieberal elitist education shows she is a radical social warrior and Canadians get out of her way, she’s one world all the way no matter who it hurts or kills. She is pollution in our country.

Lorraine Armstrong

Unfortunately the Liberals think this is NO DIFFERENT than the GST. I guess they aren’t giving THEMSELVES enough of our money. Carbon tax s done the day they VOTED OUT!!!

Robby Goose

Hm. I have an Irish mom. I don’t need another one, thanks.

William Roberts

Typical Libtard thinking.Oh ya all Canadians will embrace another tax to fuel stupid social programs.So out of touch with reality as usual.