BREAKING: Ontario SIU Identifies Danforth Shooter As Faisal Hussain

Special Investigations Unit made the identification.

The Ontario Special Investigations Unit has shared the name of the 29-year-old Toronto shooting suspect:

“Yesterday, the SIU commenced an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the death of a 29-year-old man in Toronto. A short time ago, after speaking with a member of the deceased’s immediate family and a family representative, the SIU was able to confirm the man’s identity. Due to the exceptional circumstances of this tragic incident and the public interest in knowing the man’s identity, the SIU is identifying the man as Faisal Hussain of Toronto.”

Two people were killed, and thirteen wounded after Hussain shot into two restaurants, and crowds of people.

After police arrived, Hussain died of a gunshot wound. It is not yet known whether the shot was self-inflicted, or whether the police took him down.

Hussain’s family has released a statement:

While some politicians had quickly tried to turn the discussion towards guns, there will certainly now be an investigation of whether the ideology of Islamist extremism was a motivating factor in the attack.

The authorities have said all possible motives are on the table as the investigation continues.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Nik Allonby

Before the media gets all wet and frothing at the mouth making ridiculous accusations of law abiding legal firearms owners calling for “gun control now!” a question has to be asked by rational intelligent human beings: Was this an illegal firearm obtained by a deranged criminal? Or a legally owned firearm?


It doesn’t matter-dead is dead!!!!!!


Dale – it DOES matter. The powers-that-be are already on the drums beating out “must have more gun control”. If this man obtained his handgun illegally, then we have to stop punishing legal and law-abiding gun owners for the sins of those who source their weapons illegally. Go after the illegal suppliers, even if that means putting serious patrols near the borders of various “First Nations” reserves and searching all vehicles leaving them.

Chris vrecko

No, it does matter, it’s that those that take part in gun activities unsafe being illegal purehashed illegally.

Dale Leader

Nik,there are already numerous laws on the books that are suppose to prevent someone like this from obtaining a gun legally.The authorities are not doing their jobs if this Man obtained this gun legally.


Either way, a person evidently had a firearm & not thoroughly screened. What is the government doing? Right, they don’t give a crap. Illegal or not, this person had a PISTOL, not a hunting gun! Big difference, get it?

Sewer Rat

People who obtain illegal firearms don’t get “screened”.

L Griffin

What a shocker! I was expecting John Smith.

Wendy Lush

Any connection to the man arrested in the incident involving Ceremonial Guards on Parliament Hill earlier today? (ie not a lone wolf) Also.. Two weeks ago police swarmed the CN Tower and Canada’s Wonderland. An internal police memo said that Toronto Police received “credible information regarding a potential vehicle ramming attack in the area of CN Tower on Thursday, July 12th.” “Intelligence Services has not received any information regarding a specific criminal extremist threat to the City of Toronto,” the memo continues. “However, critical infrastructure, transportation hubs, and areas of large public gatherings remain as targets for lone-actors and/or terrorist/extremist… Read more »

Sewer Rat

Liking Justin’s multiculturalism yet?

Doug Bailey

If he was a legal gun owner, which I doubt, and the daily background check is working, this man should have been picked up by the RCMP and his licence and all gun he owned seized; however, I doubt her obtained this firearm legally. I suspect there is a whole lot more behind this situation.

More gun laws would not have prevented this situation from happening. Mental health confinement might have.


How convenient that the shooter’s family had the where with all and timing to release a well crafted apology at precisely the same time as the SIU released the name of the assailant.
All murderers of innocent people could declare themselves having mental illness.

So sick of this f’n Liberal Broadcasting Corporation.

Eric Blair

This is the very thought that I had reading the statement from the family… to well crafted. Later we will find out that the family have only been here a short time hence having such a grasp of English would likely be beyond them but nobody will remember this statement and how well it was constructed. My God look at the comments on Fernado’s website, they all have some mistakes, mine included but this statement is perfect. A CBC copy writer comes to mind.


Exactly what I said to my wife, my guess is this was provided to the family by Trudeau’s gang and were told to put it out there or they would turn their world inside out. We are being lied to at every turn. They always have the words to wash all this terrorism away.

Moe S.

Regardless of the shooter’s motives, the city of Toronto needs a LAW-AND-ORDER Mayor and Toronto city council. The council consists of far too many Liberal & NDP socialists more concerned about a politically correct social justice, consisting of hugging-a-thug, rather than doing anything meaningful that might get the gangs under control. Instead, T.O. people are stuck with the likes of councilman Joe ‘crazy’ Cressy and NDP Leader Andrea Horwath stating wearing a bulletproof vest by police and those who ridealong in area’s of Toronto well known for gang violence is “racist.” It is these bleeding heart socialists who have messed-up… Read more »

Dale Leader

This individual obviously had Mental issues for quite some time and even with all the rules and regulations already imposed upon mentally stable law abiding citizens the Government is trying to ram more of these useless measures down our throats.The problem is obviously the inability to enforce the already more than adequate laws already forcefully placed on the public without once considering any legislation that would give citizens the right to protect themselves against these life threatening situations.”Do Your Jobs” or at least let us protect ourselves.

Allison Reesor

If it was legally obtained, Hussain passed background checks, which discredits the severely mentally ill story. If not, gun laws wouldn’t have prevented it.


How bloody needless.

don morris

So, will this story be buried, or will some diligent reporter do his job and thoroughly investigate the shooter, then report his findings in the media?

Who was he, where did he come from? When? Why did he come here, if an immigrant or heaven forbid, an “irregular”. When was he diagnosed with a mental illness, what was the psychiatrists verdict, who did he see, when , for how long? Prescription medications? Etc.,etc.
Yes, give us the much ballyhooed “W-5” the media are so anxious to tell us about to exalt their importance in the system.


If Canadians had the right to protect themselves, which we don’t, a good guy with a gun could have stopped the bad guy with a gun.

Chris vrecko



The Hussain family’s statement is too well scripted to be spontaneous. It is now expected that the excuse of “mental illness” will be a standard component of any apology.


From the video one can glean many things, the person had training, he shoots using the Weaver stance. This is something that requires training and not easily trained into muscle memory. If you listen to the sounds, he used what is commonly referred to as double taps and in a few shots uses the Mozambique triple tap. Law enforcement is trained to use double tap to ensure the threat is down. The Mozambique triple tap is used as two to the body and the third is a head shot again to remove the threat. No where does he use the… Read more »

Moe S.

I think you’re absolutely correct. Your analysis makes logical sense. Thanks for coming from a different perspective and pointing out some pretty obvious tell-tale signs of a planned attack on the part of this shooter. I wonder how many police officers on the scene came to the same conclusion as you, however, have been forced into silence?

Tarun Dattani

According to media reports he was in Pakistan,Afghanistan area.
Other than that our politically correct lefty media have nothing to say.
This mental illness bs is just that.The guy looks like a professional hitman.
He was probably well trained in AfPak area and then sent back here to carry out
his orders to execute Canadians.


Porous borders and disarmament, what could possibly go wrong? “If you can read this sign, you are within range”.


SPENCER – What do you make of this I just came across ?????

Faisal #Hussain #Toronto #Shooter Well known to police – see video and read description. @ShareThis