BREAKING: Ontario SIU Identifies Danforth Shooter As Faisal Hussain

Special Investigations Unit made the identification.

The Ontario Special Investigations Unit has shared the name of the 29-year-old Toronto shooting suspect:

“Yesterday, the SIU commenced an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the death of a 29-year-old man in Toronto. A short time ago, after speaking with a member of the deceased’s immediate family and a family representative, the SIU was able to confirm the man’s identity. Due to the exceptional circumstances of this tragic incident and the public interest in knowing the man’s identity, the SIU is identifying the man as Faisal Hussain of Toronto.”

Two people were killed, and thirteen wounded after Hussain shot into two restaurants, and crowds of people.

After police arrived, Hussain died of a gunshot wound. It is not yet known whether the shot was self-inflicted, or whether the police took him down.

Hussain’s family has released a statement:

While some politicians had quickly tried to turn the discussion towards guns, there will certainly now be an investigation of whether the ideology of Islamist extremism was a motivating factor in the attack.

The authorities have said all possible motives are on the table as the investigation continues.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube