REPORT: Deceased Victims Of Toronto Mass Shooting Are 10-Year-Old Girl, 18-Year-Old Woman

Toronto Police share updated information following Danforth shooting, still not sharing name of murderous shooter.

The Toronto Police have issued an update following the mass shooting in Toronto.

At a press conference featuring Police Chief Mark Saunders, Victim Services Toronto Executive Director Bonnie Levine, and lead Homicide Investigator Detective Sergeant Terry Browne, the ages of the two deceased shooting victims were released:

“Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders updates media: 18yr old female and 10yr old girl are deceased. Their names will not be released at this time. Person responsible for Danforth shooting has died. Special Investigations Unit handling that aspect of the investigation”

Toronto Police also shared a link for witnesses to upload photos/videos. The link can be accessed below:

As I noted on Twitter, the authorities have released the killer’s age, yet haven’t yet released his name:

“If they know the murderous shooter was 29-years-old, how has the name not been released?”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Dave Bainard

Sure seems like the narrative needs to be spun so that any possibility of illegal immigrant or returnee terrorist has been cleaned up.


I suppose the police and politicians have to get their story straight. I’m sure they are hoping that the shooter can be labelled “mentally ill”, and that he’s not one of Justin’s boys.

Wendy Lush

Too early to say, but if the shooter turns out to be one of Trudeau’s “guests”, all hell is gonna break loose.


As usual, the shooter is dead and dead men can’t talk. This same or similar scenario seems to be a regular occurrence across North America. Don’t believe everything you hear from your politicians, police and media.

Sharki Bark

Anne Coulter’s Rule.

Norbert Kausen

Just released: The gunman’s name was Faisal Hussain! GET IT, Trudeau???!!!

Norbert Kausen

Well, they have reluctantly identified the shooter from the Danforth mass shooting last night… his name: Faisal Hussain!!! The police will not identify a motive! It has begun!!! 

willem stolk

My guess is the name is not John Smith or something like that.

Wendy Lush

willem stolk says:
July 23, 2018 at 5:12 pm

“My guess is the name is not John Smith or something like that.”

Are there even any people named ‘John Smith’ left in Canada? I wonder.