REPORT: Reese Fallon Identified As 18-Year-Old Victim Of Toronto Shooting

Fallon had recently graduated high school, and was set to attend McMaster University.

18-year-old Reese Fallon has been identified as one of two deceased victims in the Toronto shooting on Danforth Avenue.

According to reports, Fallon had recently graduated from The Beaches community.

She was planning to go to McMaster University to become a nurse.

Liberal MP Nathaniel Erskine-Smith has reportedly said that Fallon was associated with a Young Liberals group in the community. CBC had reported that other young Liberals were among those shot.

The younger victim has not yet been identified.

Police have still not released the name of the shooter.

With a dozen people still in hospital, some are said to be suffering from “life-changing” injuries.

Lets all take a moment to keep the family of Reese Fallon, the family of the other deceased victim, those who are injured, and their loved ones in our prayers.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Facebook

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Hi Fernando,
It Looks like The Rebel Media has been hijacked by an outfit calling itself #Nation Builder I think they need to be investigated. Also in site you are re-directed to google chrome search from Firefox very irregular…. Trudeau likely behind this attack……….suppressing free speech
Keep up the good reporting.

Wendy Lush

Incredibly sad. Reminds us of the Jane Creba shooting in 2005.

Norbert Kausen

The gunman’s name is Faisal Hussain!!! GET IT???!!!

steve richards

Where is Trudy(on another personal day) having that press conference to condemn the actions of the shooter. Remember that fake ripping off of the hijab incident and how fast they all condemned it? Is it because he knows the identity of this shooter and he is not a white male or has he just decided not to make any more quick and rash statements about incidents anymore? I think the former is true, remember these things come election time.